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Tourism industry is one of the prominent sector with huge potentiality. Because, Bangladesh is land of enormous greenery land and has lots of spots which may attract tourist from both local and abroad. There is also a number of place which is still yet to discovered. And here is most places are yet to get any focus or unable to get Gov’t attention. With this huge prosper, Many investors invest in this sector

hotelresortbd.com is an informative site for travelers in Bangladesh. It consist almost all kinds of information and destination of the attractive places of Bangladesh. Moreover, it also consists various kinds of information about outer attractive tourist spots with possible advantage, disadvantage, tips & tricks.
hotelresortbd.com incepted to meet the demands of travelers at Bangladesh. As the days passing by, people are now more curious about travelling and want to learn about the places for travel. The launching of this website can meet their wants we ensure. It will coherently unleash the top places along with less known but enviable places of Bangladesh and exhibiting culture, orthodoxism of affiliate places. Tourism in Bangladesh is growing exponentially since 2005. So that, hotel booking websites or travel agency in Bangladesh for tourist are getting more popularity. On top of that, hotel reservations sites & Bangladesh travel agency also arranging different package for potential tourist.

Mission – “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” The quote that basically nailed the importance of travelling in a one linear. Our site will reminds and inspire people to acquire the knowledge and taste the flavor of seeing beauty. We hope our site will manifestly encourage people to daring adventure. You can say this website is Bangladesh travel guide in a sense. Our main target is to Promoting Desi Tourism among Bangladeshi Tourist and Foreign tourist who would like to explore south Asian country’s tourist. Bangladesh destinations can be the number in South east Asia if we can showcase our attractive tourist places to the world.

Even Bangladeshi tourist who frequently visits India, Nepal, Thailand, Malayasia may interested for resorts near Dhaka, resorts in Gazipur, sylheti resort instead of going abroad. All we need is to inform them about our enormous tourist spots and its facility.

Thanking you for visit hotelresortbd dot com.