Amazing Destinations in Bangladesh

10 Amazing Destinations in Bangladesh

Today we discuss Amazing Destinations in Bangladesh. Both local and international visitors find many places in Bangladesh fascinating due to the natural, aesthetic and historical significance of the sites. Bangladesh has got some really beautiful natural sites that you can visit. So to satiate the traveler in you, the sites mentioned in this article will be more than enough. Whether you travel alone or with your family, these sites can definitely give you an experience that you will treasure for \ a lifetime. The serene pull of the natural beauties or nostalgia for a long-gone history can be felt in these places. Let’s look into some of the best places you can visit while you are in Bangladesh.

The Sundarbans

Amazing Destinations in Bangladesh

The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This is located in the south western portion of Bangladesh. To the south the forest touches the Bay of Bengal. With varieties of magnificent flora and fauna species, the forest is one of the gems of the natural sites in the world. 200 small islands, interconnected by rivers and several canals, make up the whole forest. It is also in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

The vegetation in the forest is mainly of mangrove sort. There are also rich varieties of shrubs, grasses and herbs in the forest. Sundari, Gewa are two of the most prominent plant species of the forest. Sundarbans contain 35 of the 50 mangrove vegetation species ever recorded on the planet. There are almost 50 species of mammals, 395 species of fish and 8 species of amphibians found of the forest. Of these, the great Bengal Tiger attracts a lot of attention. The Sundarbans is the last of the strongholds of these magnificent Bengala Tiger.

The ecology of the forests also support wide varieties of birds and the Estuarine Crocodile species. Overall, the Sundarbans is on magnificent place to visit. The rich diversity of flora and fauna will surely amaze you.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest is the only freshwater swamp forest in Bangladesh. It is located in Gowain River, Sylhet. It is one of the very few freshwater swamp forest of the world. The total area of the swamp forest is around 3330 acres–504 of which is considered to be ‘animal sanctuary’. The swamp forest, called the Sunderbans of Sylhet, is situated 26 Kilometeres away from Sylhet.

The forest is linked the Chengir khal and the river Gowain flows through the forest. There are some varieties of trees here; but mostly Koroch tree is found in the forest. Perhaps the species is most suited to the water of the river among the other species. Usually the water depth of the forest is 10 feet, but in rainy, season, the depth can be more than 20 feet and up to 30 feet.

To reach the forest, you need to take a boat from the Gowain Ghat. Two wetlands are found in the southern portion of the forest: Shimul Beel Haor, and Neia Beel Haor.

As the forest is connected to Chengir Khal, during rainy season water from Indian regions enters the forest through Gowain river. Sometime the forest become overly flooded. During rainy season, one cannot see the forest trees. On the other hand the forest almost dries up during the winter season when the temperature drops to almost 10-12 degree Celsius. But the area receives heavy rainfall during the rainy season, almost 4162 milimeter per year.

Almost 72 species of plants are found in the forest. The river is covered by a tree tops like an umbrella, as is apparent from an aerial view of the area. During the dry season, you might come upon mongoose. Snakes are also available in the forest. Many species of birds such as Dove, Water Fowl, Eagle, Parrot, Kingfisher etc also spreads their wings and sings in the forest.

Monsoon is the best time to visit the swamp forest. Overall, Bangladesh’s signature Ratargul freshwater swamp forest can be treat to your heart with its magnificent beauty consisting of river, plants and birds.

Nijhum Dwip

This island is located in the Bay of Bengal. It falls under the Noakhali district and Hatiya Upazila. The island is covered in lush green forest. The term Nijhum closely means isolated and the island is so called ‘Nijhum Dwip’ due to its isolated and desolate looking. The island is 63 square kilometres in area and is home to almost 40,000 people. There is a 20- kilometre long grassy sea beach in the southern portion of the island. Nijhum Dwip brims with varities of floras and faunas. You can find spotted deer, monkeys, buffaloes, snakes and birds in the island. This island is also visited by many migratory birds during the winter season. Each year this island attracts a substantial number of tourists.

The beatific water area surrounding the island also adds to the experience. Although traveling to the island is a bit difficult and is dependent on the tidal surges, a visit to this natural gem is worth the effort. The island also includes small marketplace and restaurants. Overall, Nijhum dwip should definitely make it to your sites to visit in Bangladesh for tourism purposes.

Baga Lake

This lake is located in the Bandarban district of Bangladesh. Officially the lake is known as Bagakain Lake, but popularly called Baga Lake. It is located in a peak of Politai mountain of Ruma Upazila. This is a rectangular shaped lake. The main source of the water of the lake is the mountain spring. The color of the water changes at different time. It is also speculated that there is a hot springs underneath the lake. And it is due to this hot spring that the water changes its color. There are several interesting theories involving the formation of the lake. The first one that it is the crater of a dormant mud volcano. The second one is that the lake formed during a meteorite hit from outer space at some point of time in the past. Not plant life or fish life can sustain in the lake water due to its highly acidic nature. The lake cannot be accessed directly through transport route; some trekking through the hilly bushes is involved in the last leg of the journey to Baga Lake. The locals in the area worships the place as a holy site and there is a mythical story involving dragon and earthquake regarding the formation of the lake. Baga Lake is an amazing natural site and should definitely make it to your list of places to visit in a Bangladesh as a tourist.

Hakaluki Haor

Hakaluki Haor is situated near the Assam-Bangladesh border on the eastern side of Bangladesh. The haor is spread in 5 subdistricts (Upazila): Kulaura, Juri, Baralekha, Golapgonj and Fenchugonj. The first three upazilas are under Moulivibazar district and the rest are under Sylhet. A total of 181.15 sqaure kilometer area is covered by the Haor. This huge area makes the Haor Asia’s one of the larger wetlands. Many (Almost 238 of different sizes) depressed land surface, locally known as ‘beels’, are in interconnected in this Haor network. Some of these beels are perennial. During the rainy season the entirety of the Haor surface goes under water, the total submerged area is almost 4 and a half times of the area that remains submerged in the dry season.

Many communities of people around the Haor area are dependent on the Haor for their livelihoods. More than 200,000 people live in the area surrounding the Haor.

The total interconnected beel network make the Hakaluki haor the largest freshwater wetland in Bangladesh. The main water source of the Haor actually comes from several rivers (Juri, Sonai, Kantinala, Fanai, Kuichara etc), some of which have originated in India.

Many aquatic life forms are found in the Haor along with many plant life. All these constitute the wetland habitat. Some of the species of the plants and aquatic life are still unspecified or unknown. The Haor supports many agricultural and horticultural crops. A fast-growing species of timber is also found in this area. The variety and abundance of herbs and plant life in the Haor is really amazing. The haor is also home to many species of birds, including some endangered species.

In total some 558 species of birds and animal species are found here. Other reptiles, amphibians and mammals also adorn the area. Turtle, Otters, Langur, Fish Eagle, and snakes are some that at least needs to be mentioned.

For bird watchers and lovers the place has a lot to offer. Almost 417 species of birds have been identified to have spread their wings in the Haor. The variety of species of birds adds to the vitality of the Haor area. But many of the species are specified as vulnerable and almost 26 are designated as threatened species, and 10 are endangered, while 14 are considered to be critically endangered species. Different types of waterfowls are also found in the Haor that adds to the overall attraction.

Overall, the Hakaluki Haor is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Bangladesh that can be accessed through Sylhet. So you can definitely keep this in your list of tourist sites to visit in your visit to Sylhet.

Nikli Haor

Nikli hour is situates in the Kishoreganj Upazila of Bangladesh. It is located in Nikli Upazila of the district. The Haor is located some 25 kilometers away from the sadar of the nikli Upazila. It is one of the most beautiful haors in Bangladesh. There are small elevated grounds where people live in this huge water-body. The semi-transparent water of the Haor is also very magnificent.

The fishermen catches fish in the Haor. You can have freshly cooked fish to eat in the area. This Haor somewhat resembles Ratargul Swamp forest in that it also has trees growing out of the water body. The best time to visit the Haor is the monsoon season or immediately after monsoon. Overall, this beautiful Haor is bound to leave you with some good memories to cherish. This should definitely be a place you visit as a tourist in Bangladesh.


Sitakunda in chattogram is considered one of the oldest place of human presence in Bangladesh. Sitakunda is rich in various cultural and natural sites. It has almost 280 mosques and 9 mazaars (tomb) in the area. The area also holds 49 Hindu temples, 3 Buddhist temples, the devotees say their prayers and perform religious rituals. Sitakundo is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Bangladesh. It has sites such as Chandranath Hill and Eco Park. The Chandranath hill is especially prominent as it has the highest peak in the Chittagong district. This hill has trekking routes that mountaineering enthusiasts can enjoy. The trekking can make you see the lush green trees and, occasionally, floating clouds just right in front. There are two prominent fountain streams in the hills: Sahasradhara (thousand streams) and Suptadhara (hidden stream). Overall Sitakund is one gem of a place containing a lot of tourism friendly sites and can definitely bestow you with memories that will be worth remembering for a lifetime.


Mahasthangarh is the most important of the archeological sites inside the country. This vicinity has the relics and ruins from the ancient metropolis of Pundranagara, situated a few 13 kilometer far away from the Bogra town. At first in 1879, Sir Alexander Cunningham recognized the web page as the city of Pundranagara. A rectangular plateau of 1500m North-South and 1400m East-West is bordered on its sides via partitions measuring 6 meters in height above river level. There is a grave at one corner of the web page of Sultan Mohisawar beside a mosque built by using the Moghul ruler Farruk Siyar. The mosque has been modernized in current years.

All the sides except japanese facet used to be enclosed through a deep ditch. The lines of the ditch is still visible on those sides. The river Korotoya, flowing within the eastern portion of the web site, and the trench served the function of defense against adversaries at crucial times. There are also numerous mounds just at a ways far from the fortress town. These corroborate the lifestyles of the existence of the provincial capital at this website online.

This town was most probably established by way of the Mauryan Empire. This is apparent from the analyzing of stone inscription written in Brahmi script that mentions Pundanagala.

The timespan of the website online’s lifestyles may be divided into 7 levels in a chronological basis. In the phase one before the Muryan the vicinity had nearby cultural relics characterized by way of Northern Black Polished Ceramicware, Roulletted Ceramics, BRW, stool querns, mud homes and several hearth in huge quantities. It appears that the earliest of the settlers had been from 4th Century BC as some radioactive checks have suggested. These people could be from the pre-Mauryan Nanda way of life.The phase is characterized by way of archaeological relics such as broken tiles that have been maximum probable used for building roofs, brick bats for building mud-partitions and using in hearth and well. Red coloration ceramic ware, bronze mirror and lamps, copper cash had been also in use in this time section. Radioactive dating of those wares location section two inside the Mauryan period.

The latter stages are also characterized through various gadgets of archaeological and historical significance. As the stages turned the structures gadgets and cultures became more complex and wealthy in construction. Notably, the ultimate segment of the timeline of the website is characterized by way of the Muslim way of life of which the mosque and the tomb stand as evidence.

The metropolis seems to be built and rebuilt. All the gateway buildings has guardrooms. With many isolated mounds pointing to the lifestyles of suburban localities, the Mahasthangarh website online is wealthy in cultural background and archaeological significance. It should truly be on the pinnacle archaeological sites to go to in Bangladesh.


Keokradong is a peak located in Bandarban district in Chittagong division in Bangladesh. It is specifically located in the Tahikong para of Remakri Mouja. It has an altitude of 1230 meter or 4035 feet, making it the third highest mountain peak in Bangladesh located in the south-eastern part of the country. Although there is a little disagreement about the exact height of the peak, it is still one of the highest points of Bangladesh. The surrounding area of the hill is really serene and beautiful. To reach the pea, one must walk from Baga Lake and cross hilly high terrace of Ruma Upazilla Headqurter. This peak is a favorite spot for many mountaineers in Bangladesh. Anyone interested in trekking, therefore, can aim for this peak. Overall, the place and the trek will give you a rewarding experience. This should be on your list of places to visit in Bangladesh.


Nafakhum is situated in the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban District. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh, measured by the volume of waterfall. Remkari River of the hills falls some 30 feet at this place and the waterfall is created. A species of fish called Nating is found in the rock cracks at the areas surrounding bottom of the waterfall. Local people named the waterfall after this fish.

Nafakhum is pretty far away from the Bandarban town. Thanchi upazila is located some 79 kms away from Bandarban, then a long boat ride will take you to remakree. From Remakree, with the help of local tour guide, you will reach Nafakhum through trekking. As you will be trekking, you will see the surrounding hilly areas. It is a very pretty and serene sight. The car trip to Thanchi from Bandarban will also expose you to some of the best hill views in Bangladesh. Nafakhum is one of the finest natural sites in Bangladesh. You should definitely consider visiting the place at least once in your life when the necessary time and preparation is available. Bangladesh offers you some of the most beautiful natural sites. The places mentioned in this article would definitely make on the top of the sites you can visit in Bangladesh. Rest assured that you will leave this place with memories and experiences worth remembering for a long time.

Saint Martin Island

A beautiful island of Bangladesh. This amazing islands located at 10 km south-west of the southern tip of the mainland. The island can be reached by Ship or SpeedBoat from Teknaf. SaintMartin is One of the most beautiful islands in Bangladesh. The best time to visit the Saint Martin Island would be between October to February, as it is quite uncomfortable to go there during the monsoons. Infact, this time the ship keep stopped during this time. In the waters of Bay of Bengal around the island, you will find a variety of corals and other aquatic life, like Sea fish, butterflyfish, stingrays, turtles, whales etc. It is one of the best scuba diving spots in Bangladesh. However, the Saint Martin’s beautiful waters, rock formations, Rural life and the coconut trees will make you forget about doing anything else. There are some great places to take selfies and pictures, and a stroll on the beach is enough to fill your heart with joy and your mind with memories.

To Reach Saint Martin The Ship Keari Sindbad is available. To Book ticket booking call 01727 266077. There are a new Vessel started on this route. The Karnafuli Express 01515241273

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