Bangladesh Airlines industry

Bangladesh Airlines industry

Today we discuss the Bangladesh Airlines industry. The airline industry of Bangladesh is now growing rapidly. The growth of this industry is thunderous and the market is now widening more than ever! As this is the era of globalization, the influence of this industry is huge and the export and import activities are also growing in a much larger way. Bangladesh is a developing country. Therefore, naturally, the export and import sectors gradually increase here. Additionally, a huge number of Bangladeshi students are going abroad for higher education. Furthermore, the people of Bangladesh are now hugely concerned to see the world and traveling consistently. All in all, all of these reasons are the main incitement behind the enlarging of the airline industry in Bangladesh.

Here, we want to discuss some of the airlines that are showing their greatness in this reverberating sector.

Regent Airways
Regent Airways is one of the best airways in Bangladesh. This is currently the second best airways in Bangladesh. This airline company conducted their operation from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The head office of Regent Airways located in Gulshan, Dhaka. The management conducted all of their official activities from here. Regent Airways is providing services in Chattogram and cox’sbazar as well as few international flights. currently, they are providing services outside of Bangladesh such as Doha, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Singapore. There are lots of travel agency sell the tickets of Regent Airways. To book regent airways ticket

In-flight amenities
On board short domestic flights, snacks such as sandwiches, cake, mango bars, and beverages are provided. In international flights, traditional cuisine is provided In-flight entertainment is provided through the Passenger Service Units in economy class, while personal iPads are provided in business class.

Bangladesh Airlines industry

US bangla airlines: One of the promising airline in Bangladesh aviation industry. It is currently the most popular airlines in domestic market of Bangladesh. It carries maximum number of air passengers than others. us-bangla airlines launched its journey on 17 July 2014 with an expressed motto “Fly Fast Fly Safe”. But It faced the most tragic accident in the aviation history of Bangladesh at Nepal’s Tribhuban Airport with almost 200 passengers. Since then It tries to include safe carrier. other than popular domestic destination, US Bangla operating large number of international routes. Currently, the most popular Routes for us bangla air is delhi to kolkata flight, kolkata to delhi flight, delhi to chennai flight, Dhaka to Chennai Flight. The other destination is Guangzhou, Kolkata, Muscat, Doha, Singapore, Kualalampur and so on. To book your ticket you may login here
Novo Air: novo airlines is one of the popular domestic airlines which is currently operating from Bangladesh. Mainly, Novoair’s focus market is Bangladesh domestic destination. They have 8 destination including Cox’sbazar, Chattrogram, Saidpur, Jashore, Sylhet, Barishal, Rajshahi and Dhaka itself. and the only International route is Kolkata. According to the Australian based International Aviation Safety Rating Agency, the Novoair received three stars for ensuring passengers’ safe travel for the year of 2019. 16203 is the helpline of NovoAir and to see the novoair flight schedule visit their website.
In-flight amenities: The inflight meal service of novo air includes slight snacks for domestic and international flights respectively. Novoair bangladesh also provide newspaper and their own airlines magazine “novoneel” to their passengers.

Biman bangladesh: The only Government airlines of Bangladesh. Since Independence of Bangladesh, this national flag carrier enjoyed monopoly in domestic market till 1996. Currently, bangladesh biman has 42 destination all over the world. In coutries tourism industry biman airlines has much contribution. As they operating the fleat at very low price. Which makes them the most popular airlines of Bangladesh. They provide lots of facilities like Optiontown Upgrade Travel Option (UTo), Empty Seat Option (ESo) , ticket confirmation through their mobile apps, website and so on. This BG flight is also very much popular in middle east where lots of Bangladeshi Expartiates staying for work. biman bangladesh airlines has 4 boeing 787 dreamliner in its fleat. It also provide holiday package along with hotel facility and itinerary for domestic and international. Bangladesh biman airlines recently launched their own travel agent named, Biman holidays. Which is rapidly gaining popularity among Bangladeshi traveller. Biman holidays offering amazing itinery to different destination at a reasonable price its customers. For biman bangladesh online booking you may visit this site
Airlines industry is growing faster than ever. As the whole world is now consider as a “Global Village” the opportunity is huge. Moreover, the amplification of tourism sector is another big reason to show how much important this industry is in current market. So, Bangladesh should keep a special tab on this sector and think wisely to grow in here. The problems must be identified and must be remove those problems wisely. In recent years GMG Airlines, United Airways had been shut down due to lack of proper management. In summary, overall aviation industry in bangladesh is doing great than other neighbouring country.

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