Beauty Boarding, Old Dhaka’s Historical presence in modern era

Established in 1949, Beauty Boarding is considered as the classic place in Old dhaka, where visitors see the history with present day. This historic place still stands with pride of our old days and remains popular for its affable atmosphere and reasonable prices.

History of Beauty Boarding: The historical place Beauty Boarding Bangla bazar reminds us about the rich culture and the people behind on. In old Dhaka, Beauty boarding was the best place for writers, politicians & organizer since British era. During the war against pakistan in 1971 Pak army killed Pallab Saha and 17 others inside of this historic Beauty Boarding. Pakistani Military used this Beauty Boarding as their camp.

The Famous Personality at Beauty Boarding: The Historical Beauty Boarding boasts of an impressive list of patrons, who either stayed in or hanging out for a longer period of time. Shamsur Rahman, Shahid Qadri, Syed Shamsul Haque, Al Mahmud, Hasan Hafizur Rahman, Sayed Atiqullah, Alauddin Al Azad, Abu Zafar Obaydullah, Sanjib Dutta, Nirmalendu Goon, Abul Hasan and Helal Hafiz are just to name a few. Bangabandhu has came here before the independent of Bangladesh.

Beauty boarding cost: This place is comparatively low cost restaurant and boarding to stay at night. In terms of present hotel restaurant price this historical place is significantly low. So, anyone can go and lost in the beauty of beauty boarding where Bengali culture was cultivated once a time.

Beauty boarding food menu: The item is: Vaat, Dal, Vegetable curry, Vorta, Ilish curry, Ilish Egg, Doi, Dalna, Chicken, Mutton, Shorisha Ilish, Chingri, Nola, Sharputi, Foli fish curry and so on. And price is reasonable too. Moreover, Beauty Boarding food is tasty and delicious among old dhaka.

How to go to beauty boarding: At first you have to go to Old Dhaka. The place is Banglabazar, the largest publication and book market of Dhaka. Then need to find out 1 shrishodash Lane road. Then, You will see the wall with a billboard. The building is yellow color surrounded by yellow wall. one small gate you can see to enter the place.

Beauty boarding room price: Room price for one night stay at beauty boarding started from 450 taka and the maximum cost would be 1250/-. Depends on room availability. To book the beauty boarding wikipedia room you may call 01786-268608.

They have an official Facebook Page –

You can inbox them for more details about Beauty Boarding Or Call directly for reservation at Beauty Boarding 01786-268608

Recently, the owner of Beauty Boarding of old Dhaka Tark Shaha has died. who was the patrons of this historical place in Bangla bazar.

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