Become a Contributor welcome any travel blogger to write for us. Moreover, We are searching for smart article writer who are passionate about Travel. The potential writer has to be with brilliant mind who has a lot of passion and love for writing. By posting their writing they can join our growing community and we want to welcome them and appreciate them to contribute. We firmly believe their contribution can help our visitors to rich their knowledge and experience.

Our publisher team will help anyone about it. By posting unique things, precious insight and tools anybody can be a good contributor for hotelresortbd. Your contribution will help you in numerous ways. By publishing your creative contents you have a big opportunity to connect with your like-minded people, growing your network, gaining thorough knowledge, build a brand of yours. You can meet lots of professionals, taking advises from them, gather new ideas and knowledge and implementing these information in your own way to improve yourself.

What skills a contributor should possess – If anybody want to contribute he/she is most welcome. But, there are some skills a person needs to know before contribution.

Grammar correct English writing skills
Relevant experience
Works in social media
Knows various methods of social media
Optimistic to share ideas
Creative thinker

Why you have to contribute – It’s a good question. Why anybody wants to contribute? What benefits it possess? All we want to say it’s a huge opportunity for anyone to show his/her charisma. Let’s check what other benefits we can achieve through it.

Gain a leadership – Many leaders and experts of today’s markets gain their leadership quality by contributing.
Work Promotion – Your best works can be promoted to magazine, e-books etc and they can earn you a huge reputation.
Building network – When your published article read by large audiences, you can build you personal and profession network in more effective way.
Rich you knowledge – You can meet professional people and acquire vast knowledge from them.
Reach a healthy audience – By contributing you can reach a large portion of audience.

Writing for us

We are searching for new writers, partners to join us in this huge gig. You are most welcome to join us! It’s a huge opportunity for you. Let’s share your works and experiences.

Qualities of submissions –

Less expert – We aren’t looking for a hugely expert people for contribute. People with less expertise are more than welcome.
Be specific – You’ve to be more specific and maintain originality in your writings.
Be creative – Creativity is the most important thing for writing.
Evidence of writing – Maybe, your data are authentic but few people can disagree. So, it’s good to show evidence and sources from where you collect data.

Length and Format – Length shouldn’t be under 700 words and more than 1000 are also good.
By submitting your articles you will reach the huge portions of our audience. E-mail, mobile, PDF etc. digital channels will also be retain by us. Please send us the relevant topic and information so that we could reach our target audience in time. If you’ve any question for us please ask us in your email address.
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