Birishiri is a traditional & beautiful place

Birishiri is a traditional & beautiful place for travelers

Today we will discuss Birishiri is a traditional & beautiful place for travelers. Who in this world doesn’t like to travel around? Almost every one of us likes to travel. Because there are no other things in this world that are as enjoyable and mind-filling as traveling. We want to get relief from boringness and ‘’traveling’’ in different places gives us mental satisfaction.
birishiri netrokona is a scenic and tranquil natural place. The name of the place ‘’Birishiri’’ came from persian language. It is an amazing place in Netrokona district near Indian-Assam border. It is placed around almost 200km northern side of Dhaka city. Birishiri is the kinda off-track place for travelers. If anyone tries to find good food, dancing best entertainment then they will surely disappoint. It is rather a natural place which can be obliged by pure traveling eyes.

Birishiri is a traditional & beautiful place


Birishiri Bangladesh is a traditional & amazing place for travelers. It is full of beauty, all amazing greenery scenes. The beautiful blue water lake and greenish theme can charm anyone’s mind and eyes. The most attractive thing about Birishiri is the salient Durgapur ceramic hills as décor, a very beautiful, astonishing bluish-green lake just flowing beside the ceramic hill. You can enjoy an array of green forests and gracefully decorated trees in the far sights. The whole place looks like a kingdom of green. Nature seems poured it’s all beautiful in here. The Shomeshwari River is another core place in the cinematic environment of Birishiri. The color and depth of the Shomeshwari River always change as the season progresses. It has such dynamism and it’s really so enjoyable to see its scenic movements of it. You can cross this river on foot during the winter period.
In the Durgapur hills area, visitors can find plenty of vivid cultural variety as there are lots of tribal people who made their habitats there. Garo, Hajong, and Murong are some of the most notable tribal people living there. These tribal people are carrying their tradition, culture, and acculturation through years by years by keeping harmony and amity. There are lots of signs of memory stagnation of the ‘’Tunka Revolution’’ can be found in that place.
Ranimata Rashimoni’s monuments are also situated there. Rashimoni Hajong was a renowned woman leader of the farmer movement. Saint Joseph church can be soft in your eyes. You can locate Susong Durgapur’s landlord’s house beside the Upazilla Parishad. Once upon a time, this house was surrounded by big walls, and armies, a court, armory, and zoo were spotted inside this prominent house. Another historical place of ‘’Komola Rani’s Dighir Par’’ are not too far from here. These places just reminiscing about the good old era. There is a cultural academy owned by the tribal people of Birishiri. The place is charming in this cultural academy. Almost every kind of cultural program on various occasions and festivals is arranged by this academy. There is also an ethnical museum in the first place to offer visitors the traditional and chronological moments of the place and people.


How to go – You can visit Birishiri by ‘’Ena Bus’’ from Mohakhali. The last stoppage is Birishiri busstand. Going from Mymensingh to Birishiri is much easier than going from Dhaka to Birishiri. Bus rent can be at 170-200 range from Dhaka. It can take 3 or 4 hours to reach the desired destination.
netrokona birishiri isn’t so good place for good accommodation, food or entertainment. But, it has some scenic and natural feelings which can enthrall your mind and soul. It’s secluded and serene atmosphere gives a different dimension to the place and it also holds some old Bangla tradition of it’s own.
Good luck to travelling in Birishiri ( বিরিশিরি )!! and enjoy pristine nature of Susong Durgapur Birishiri as well as Shomeswari River’s beauty.

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