Lakeshore Resort Kaptai: Experience Tranquillity

Lakeshore Resort Kaptai is an experience of the awe-inspiring wonders of nature of Chittagong. The Lakeshore Resort Kaptai is a luxury lake side resort in Rangamati District, Chittagong. It serves as a sanctum for all those seeking a respite from city bustle and daily hustle. Kaptai lake is a beautiful spot which is the largest … Read more

10 Exotic Resorts To Stay In Bangladesh You Simply Must Check Into

Unlike the resorts in popular places We hereby focus on relatively less popular place in Bangladesh. These resorts are amazing but as most of the tourist tend to visit the popular destination of Bangladesh which makes these resorts non popular. Panigram Resort: One of the magnificent resorts in Bangladesh. panigram resort bangladesh is located near … Read more