Tanguar Haor, a fascinating place You will love to travel

Tanguar haor is situated in Sunamgonj district in Bangladesh. It emplaced at Meghaloya’s rock surface of Sunamgonj. It dwells almost 100kms of area. Tanguar haor is the second biggest mithapani’s wetland in Bangladesh. There are almost 42000 people’s maintenance are closely relates with this haor. Tanguar haor is the second place of ‘’Ramsar’’ after Sundarban … Read more

Birishiri is a traditional & beautiful place for travelers

Who in this world don’t like to travel around? Almost everyone of us like to travel. Because, there are no other things in this world is as enjoyable and mind-filling as travelling. We want to get relief from boringness and ‘’travelling’’ in different places gives us mental satisfaction.birishiri netrokona is a scenic and tranquil natural … Read more