Most Delicious & Tasty Bangladeshi food you Should Try: Top 10

Today we discuss Delicious & Tasty Bangladeshi food. Bangladesh is a place which has a great history of different kingdom and versatile Bangladeshi cuisine. Moreover the perfect use of different herbs, masalas, oil and spices make Bangladeshi foods unique from the food of other country. Therefore people from other countries and our locals love Bangladeshi food cause these are being extra spicy.

Bengali people is craving for rice, fish and lentil, however there are many different dishes which can melt you by its taste. In Bengali food, there is many types of sweets and dessert will make you bound to taste again and again after one taste. Different types of biryani from the Mughal era have its uniqueness which make Bengali food so special. Considering the Dhaka city it has a lot traditional and famous food, the most common traffic jam along the Dhaka city’s major roads also allow you to observe the street food shops, many little biryani bites shop and famous biryani corner. It will allure you with the aroma of their spicy kacchi biryani. Additionally Bangladesh is lucky to have enormous supply of meat, vegetable and fishes. Hence each food lover should taste different types of Bangladeshi cuisine.

To have taste of bd food you can visit different restaurant of Bangladesh if you want to have the mouth watering taste of these cuisines, especially many famous Biryani corners. But many taste of Bengal you won’t find from the restaurants, for that you need to visit any Bangladeshi relatives.

Here we are recommending you some delicious and famous Bengali food that you must experience.

  1. Kacchi Biryani

The first name came into mind if anyone think about bangla food that is kacchi biryani. Thisis one of the most delicious and famous food of Bangladesh. The entrance of kacchi biryani that as a Bangladeshi food dates back to only a few centuries. And this cuisine specially came from the time of Mughol Empire. In that time Mughal subedars and other high official arrived in Dhaka and they managed the administration. Most of them came from especially from Lucknow area in present day India and they brought personal chefs with them after that mainly kacchi biryani history began. It specially is cooked in occasion like marriage or other special party. This special dish is cooked by special type of rice and meat. To make kacchi biryani it’s especially made with mutton meat but now a days many of them use beef also. At first you need to marinated mutton with yogurt and spices overnight, then placed at the bottom of a big cooking pot. Potatoes and rice go on top of the meat, and the lid of the container is sealed with dough to make it airtight. The meat, potatoes and rice all are cooked together over a slow fire which helps the dish retain its natural aromas. It is served with salad and sometimes with chutney as well. A special type of yogurt called Borhani commonly drink with kacchi biryani. In Bangladesh you can get lots of biryani corner. You must taste this delicious dish at least once, you will regret otherwise surely.

  • Bhuna Khichuri Bhuna khichuri basically a rice based meal. Many ingredients used to cook this dish. Rice, peas, vegetables, meat and a variety of spices used to cook bhuna khichuri. Moreover, this is a slow cooked dish mixed with rice and lentils. And any types of meat are used in cooking for example beef, chicken or mutton. You can have Bhuna Khichuri with salad, lemon and a piece of onion. The monsoon season is of idle time to the Bengali people and in that time the people basically stay at home and enjoy Bangladeshi foods. People really like to eat bhuna khichuri during rainy day. You shouldn’t miss the chance of tasting this delicious dish.
  • Beef Kalavuna Beef Kalavuna is one of the Bangladeshi food which undoubtedly the mouth tingling spicy food cooked from succulent meat and obviously you have on your plate served with rice, polao or khichuri. This food origin in Bangladesh come from basically Chittagong city. Mezban is one of the majestic traditions of Chittagong that means a grand feast arranged by the host to entertain the entire neighbourhood and this feast main attraction is beef kalavuna. Kalavuna hence required lots of oil and spicy ingredients making it not so healthy considering health conscious but it’s consider all-time favourite food menu with all demography people. Also in festive mood and we will not be deterred to eat good food just because it has ‘little extra oil. Beef kalavuna is a very common meat dish of Bangladesh, and a very old recipe which has been passed on generation to generation. To prepare this Bangladeshi meals in the beginning marinate the red meat with soya sauce, red chillies powder, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, simple yogurt, white pepper, peanut paste and nutmeg-mace powder. Keep apart for one hour. After that warmness of oil a pan, add 1/2 of whole cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaves. Then add chopped onion and fry a little. Place the marinated pork, salt and upload two cups of water. Cook on medium high warmth for 30 minutes or till gentle and tender. Once cooked then hold stirring until all water dries up. After final touch of this dish add inexperienced chillies, cubed onion and stir for 2-3 minutes and transfer to a serving plate with garnish fired onion. You can take this food not best rice however additionally paratha or ruti. In Bangladesh lots of well-known or each local famous restaurant serve beef kalavuna. All you want is to seize a chair and become the red meat lover that you perhaps are. So if you are planning to go to Bangladesh shouldn’t omit the chance of testing it.
  • Hilsa Curry

Hilsa curry is one of the most common authentic Bangladeshi food in Bangladeshi cuisine. Hilsa fish is considered because the king of fishes by using the Bengalis. Though generally favoured by means of the Bengali people cherish it. This excellent fish cook dinner and severed in many methods in Bangladeshi cuisine. The surprising element is all the hilsa fish meals menu is simple wonderful and clearly you love this even you are not as fish lover. Here we are able to proportion you the most all-time favourite hilsa curry recipe with flavour of Bengal. This Bengali recipe is very clean to prepare, tastes delicious and is a extraordinary accompaniment with steamed rice. Firstly shallow fry the hilsa fish pieces, until golden brown and maintain aside. In a pan, heat oil, add about black cumin seeds and allow them to crackle. After that add about a cup of water to it, add haldi masala, salt to taste and let the water come to a boil. Then upload the fried hilsa pieces. Split the green chillies into or reduce them into half and add to the curry. Cook for two to five mins. Then Hilsa curry is ready. Serve with steamed rice. Most of the local famous eating place in Bangladesh serve this item. Also hilsa curry serve as hilsa paturi or shorshe hilsa curry is mouth-watering quality dish in Bangladeshi cuisine. Lastly this item is one of pride meals menu for every Bangladeshi. You want to must strive this scrumptious curry.

  • Grilled Chicken & Naan Roti

Most of us usually try to have this Bengali food at least once in a month. Because nowadays Naan Roti with grilled chicken has become one of the best items for evening snacks and it’s really become one of the popular Bangladeshi food in Bangladeshi cuisine. Usually the chicken is being marinated with herbs and spices then grill it. And the Naan Roti is flatbread which is oven baked. Most probably get to see grill machine with chicken grill on process in front of almost every popular local restaurant in Bangladesh. However you can feel the heavenly taste when grill and naan will serve with salad, mayonnaise or lemon. This item remains available in restaurant till dinner from afternoon. For evening snacks or dinner this menu definitely serve your purpose. It’s really very popular Bangladeshi foods for any type of get together or party program. Also if you serve it with cold drinks then the taste of these food will increase and you fell it. So no chance to miss this.

  • Haleem

The word Haleem comes from the Arabic language and its meaning tattered meat. In Bangladesh this is very popular Bangladeshi food, especially for evening snacks and during Ramadan month Bangladeshi people taste this food in iftar time. Usually this is a lentil soup added with spicy and any type of meat like beef, mutton or chicken. It is a great combination of lentil, barley and wheat in slow cooked with added meat separately. This dish is cooked for several hours, which results in a paste like consistency, blending the flavours of spices, meat, barley, and wheat. You will get this traditional food in almost every restaurant in Bangladesh. People like to eat haleem with naan, served with minced meat, lemon and onion. If you are planning to visit Bangladesh, shouldn’t miss the chance of tasting it.

  • Phuchka & Chotpoti

If we think about all-time favourite delicious street food in Bangladesh firstly the food name comes is phuchka & chotpoti. Basically we are able to say nothing may be more famous in Bangladeshi meals than phuckha and chotpoti. Be it summer or winter, dull or vibrant sunny day, whether you’re in bad or true mood, its miles chotpoti and phuchka that makes your day. In every cities of Bangladesh nearby areas, road, trade-truthful and any exciting places you could see avenue food phuchka and chotpoti shop. Phuchka consists of a hole puri that is fried until crispy, then full of an aggregate of flavoured water known as pani, tamarind chutney, chaat masala, potatoes, onions, hot chillies, and chickpeas. This chotpoti is conventional Bengali dish consists of chickpeas and diced potatoes which is probably served in a tamarind-primarily based sauce. Typical additions also consist of onions, boiled eggs, sliced inexperienced chili peppers, and sparkling mint or cilantro, while the sauce is generally spiced with cumin and chili powder. The entire dish is from time to time crowned with cucumbers, boiled eggs, similarly to crackers or crumbled puri (fuchka)—fried bread shells. This scrumptious food organized all maximum all of the Bengali own family in their home during commonly related to unique occasions. So if you are making plans to go to Bangladesh then there may be no hazard to miss this favourite normal snack and a not unusual avenue food dish tasting.

  • Pitha

Pitha is very popular and delicious food in Bangladeshi cuisine. There is many types of Pitha is popular among Bangla Food lover. Pitha actually considered as the most traditional food of Bangladesh You can take it as snack item, desert item and breakfast meal. Pitha is a Bangla word that refers to an indigenous meals and meals culture of Bangladesh and spreading a few parts of India especially Bangla speak me vicinity of India. Pitha Utshob are part of meals lifestyle and meals culture of Bangladeshi delicacies and occupies an essential vicinity in our culinary tradition emphasizing on the importance of keeping and popularizing this art. For Bangalis it’s been a prolonged culture to make forms of Pitha, particularly in the winter. For Pitha there may be no similar word in English. To provide an explanation for others in English we interpret Pitha as a rice cake. But it’s now not like the traditional cake or pie what is commonplace in the western global and in their food lifestyle. Pithas are primarily crafted from a batter of rice flour or wheat flour, which is shaped and optionally full of candy or savoury ingredients. When filled, the pitha’s pouch is called a khol (example: container) and the fillings are referred to as pur.

Sweet Pithas generally made with sugar, jaggery, date juice, or palm syrup, and may be full of grated coconut, cashews, pistachios, sweetened vegetables, or fruits. Sweet Pithas are also often flavoured the use of cardamom or camphor. For stuffed vegetable Pithas, substances which incorporates cauliflower, cabbage, radish, or potato are normally fried, baked, or steamed, after which mashed, cooled, and formed into small balls to stuff into the Pithas. There are so many pitha vicinity in Bangladeshi food consisting of vapa pitha, dhudhpuli, shemaipitha, mangsherpitha, chitoipitha, chocolate cake, custard cake, jhalpitha, shahitukra etc. Traditionally in Bangladesh Pithas are organized and served on unique occasion, which incorporates receiving bridegrooms or brides, entertaining guests and arranging special get collectively of own family members, relatives or friends. You need to flavour this delicious dish at the least once, you may regret in any other case surely.

Delicious & Tasty Bangladeshi food
Delicious & Tasty Bangladeshi food

People from Bangladesh have a great reputation of making different types of food throughout the year. The variation of food makes Bangladeshi food very much appealing to food lover. Finally I would say if you want to explore the taste of real food you must try these at least once.

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