incredible destinations at Bandarban

10 incredible destinations at Bandarban you don’t wanna miss

Today we discuss incredible destinations at Bandarban. Bandarban’s journey has the best part with these 10 enthralling places. During a tour, you shouldn’t miss this place. Bandarban is the South-Eastern district of Bangladesh and a part of the Chittagong hill Tracks. In fact, Bandarban is treated as one of the natural greenery districts in Bangladesh where you can see the tallest peaks in Bangladesh.

Bandarban ( বান্দরবান ) is often called the ‘’Beauties place of Bangladesh’’. The word is absolutely true. Soothing nature, uncountable hills, appeasing rivers, and fountains – visitors can find an absolute package by visiting Bandarban. Bandarban has its own district name ‘’Bandarban district’’ and it’s situated in the Chittagong division, much of the southeastern area of Bangladesh. In Bandarban, anybody can find a variety of nature. Each place has its own charisma. Here we will try to figure out the most scrumptious places in Bandarban.

Nilachol Spot – Nilachol is a very beautiful spot to visit. Nilachol is situated in Tigerpara – only 6 – 7 kilo away from Bandarban main town. Nilachol is maintained by the Bandarban district authority. Tourists can see the whole Bandarban city at a glance from Nilachol. The outside of Nilachol is decorated by smashing hills and inside is also very soothing. Tourists can enjoy a beautiful and romantic evening in here. Nilachol is almost 2000 feet above from the sea level.

Meghla Tourist Spot – Meghla is a very interesting place to visit. It is the nearest tourist place from Bandarban district. It is only 4 kilometers away from Bandarban and like Nilachol, this place also governed by Bandarban district authority. The Meghla tourist spot features a huge scenic river, a big zoo, boat journey, hanging bridge, etc. Among all of them hanging bridge is the most attractive thing of Meghla. Visitors often visit here for a picnic and spend their vacation with family.

Nilgiri bandarban – Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks of Bangladesh. The place almost above of four thousand feet from sea level. Nilgiri is situated in Thanchi Thana. During visiting Nilgiri, tourists can enjoy a vast amount of beautiful hills and beautiful sights. The landscapes are such amazing to describe. Various tribes and their daily lifestyles can also be found during the journey to Nilgiri. The whole area is covered by clouds as sometimes visitor can think Nilgiri as the ‘’Country of Clouds’’! The sunrise moment of Nilgiri is amazing and it can spectacles any tourist at foggy winter times. The delectable ‘’helipad’’ is one of the most gorgeous places inside Nilgiri. The whole tourist spot authorized by Army brigade of Bangladesh.

ShoiloPropat – The ShoiloPropat is a waterfall near Thanchi and only few kilometers away from Thanchi Thana. This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Bangladesh. ShoiloPropat mainly located at Milonchori. The water of ShoiloPropat is extremely cold and clear. There are lots of stones can be seen here and they’re very greasy. ShoiloPropat is a great source of clean water for local people. There is also a market outside of the waterfall where tourist can buy handloom products and local food items. The struggling life of the local community can be very visible from here.

incredible destinations at Bandarban

Chimbuk Hill – Chimbuk hill is a third largest mountain in Bangladesh and situated in Thanchi Thana. Chimbuk is almost 25 kilometers away from Bandarban district and one of the most renowned tourist spots. If you travel Chimbuk through local Jeep called ‘’Chander Gari’’ you’ll be able to see the beautiful nature around it. When visitors are looking down from this place, they’ve got amazed by seeing the floats of clouds. The surroundings of this place are overwhelming.

Boga Lake – Undoubtedly, the most eye catching lake in Bandarban as well as Bangladesh. It is situated near Ruma Sadar Upazilla. The watercolor of the lake is ravishing blue and so frilly. Lots of tourists visit here in every year to see the beauty of Boga Lake. During rainy season, visiting Boga Lake is quite difficult due to the bad condition of the road. In winter season, tourists are allowed to make a campfire, which could be undoubtedly a memory of their entire life.

Sangu River – A very scenic river which can conciliate the eyes of a tourist. A very satisfactory place where visitors can enjoy the calmness and utter natural views. Sangu River’s water actually falls into the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most important water routes for business in Bandarban and this is the principal reason it contains a high level financial interest for local people.

Tajingdong – Tajingdong is the highest mountain in Bangladesh. It is also known as ‘’Bijoy’’ mountain. It is situated at 4300 feet above from the sea level. It is located in Remakri union. It has a very stunning beauty and many tourists visit there every year to feed their soul. Unsurprisingly, Tajingdong never fails them by its surprising beauty and amazing sights. This is a place for adventurous tourists. Visitors will definitely be pleased with the astonishing beauty of hills and hill sights, curved road, tribal surroundings, hide and seek game with the white beautiful clouds etc.

Nafakhum – Nafakhum is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh. Nafakhum situated in Remakri Upazilla and local people often describe it as Remakri waterfall. The word ‘’Khum’’ means ‘’waterfall’. If you’re a vivid traveler then this place is for you. Once a traveler travel here, they definitely want to come here again and again. Such kinds of attractive caliber only possessed by few places like Nafakhum.

Jadipai Waterfall – Jadipai waterfall is one of the widest and fairy type waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular places among travelers. In rainy season, this waterfall truly becomes emphatic and obese. It is situated in Ruma Upazilla. The journey through Jaipai is tough and bit of risky. Travelers need to be very careful especially in last route. But, they will surely forget every pain when they reach to falls by seeing the magnificent beauty of Jadipai waterfall.

Raj Vihar – In bandorbon numerous Buddhist temples, known as kyang in local toungue, and vihars in the town include the highly notable the Rajvihar (royal Monastery) at Jadipara. The monastery at Ujanipara, known as Ujanipara Vihar, is also a major place of interest for the visitors of bandorban.

Apart from these, Buddha Dhatu Jadi mandir, Chingry Jhorna, Velakhum, Ali kodom guha, Keokaradong Milestone, Chakaria,
Prantik Lake & few other places to be visited.

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