Dhaka Metro

Everything you should know about Dhaka Metro – From historical place to leisure

Today we will discuss Dhaka Metro. Dhaka, the capacity of Bangladesh, stands with a more glorious history of four hundred years old from the Nawab palace to the ancient Temple. The history of the respective periods is so older that it makes Dhaka more significant and attractive to visitors. Dhaka is the largest city and capital of Bangladesh. People used to call our beautiful Dhaka city where almost 2 crore people live in.

From Mughal to British eras is the most prominent example of the settlement of the city. As a result, the community plus Diasporas such as Americans, British, Portuguese, and even the native Bengalis, of them settled here. They build their stage with their own culture to grow this great city.

Now, the city set with a dense population with an essential symbol of history where any interested visitor can find out the more significant palaces to know and shot.

In this article, we tried to talk and share with you the from the historical place to best shopping destination of Dhaka. It throws an excellent option for any native to foreign visitors. This Dhaka city tour will gives you a nice idea and gives you planning before you reach here.

Let’s start the journey in Dhaka metropolitan city.

Dhaka Metro

Most visiting historical places in Dhaka

  1. The Dhaka Gate
    Dhaka Gate or Mir Jumla Gate situated in the Dhaka University Campus. It stands both the side of the road that goes to the TSC from Doyel Chatter. From history, it can be seen that Mir Jumla II initially built this gate during the reign of Aurangzeb. He planned this gate as an entry point of Dhaka from the North Eastside.

The Dhaka gate regarded as the official door to the capital city. Bagh-e-Badshahi was the royal garden of the Mughals. It enhances the beauty of the town that is known now as the Suhrawardi Uddyan. In 1825, Magistrate Charles Dawson thought to re-make this Dhaka Gate for the next time. It made by mixing Mughal and European architectural styles. This gate also now stands with the signs of glorious history.

  1. Armenian Church
    Armenian Church is another famous architectural monument. It is situated Armanitola of Dhaka that was named after the American colony. It provides evidence that the Armenian colony lived in the Bengal state from the 17th to 18th centuries.

In the 17th century, a large amount of Armenians had come to Bengal to establish an Armenian community for self-preservation of them. They played a significant role from politics to economic and social factors at that time. They were basically traders, and businessmen and their business provide jute plus leather.

In 1781, they assembled this Armenian Church adjoining to the Armenian interment ground. After a few years later, a massive clock-tower was pricked into the Church. The ring of the clock can be heard from about four miles away. But it was sorrowful that in 1897, it destroyed in an earthquake. Without this history, this Church contains a lot of history too.

  1. Rose Garden Palace
    In the late 19th century, Zamindar Hrikesh das built it and used it as a Jolshaghor for his entertainment. The address of it is K.M. Das Lane of Tikatuly of Dhaka. In front of the main building was decorated with a large garden of this Palace.

The balcony of the Palace built for use as a living place. From there, the garden could be viewed ultimately. In 1936, Hrikesh das sold his Palace to a wealthy businessman because he was declared bankruptcy because of his wasteful lifestyle.

  1. Bahadur Shah Park
    Bahadur Shah Park or Victoria Park is situated in Old Dhaka that is the closest to the Sadarghat area. In the late 19th century, this park used as the city center of Dhaka. It is famous for a large amount of colonial establishment put up surrounding this park.

The British used as the public capital punishment of their soldiers. In 1858, this park was also named as the Victoria Park. After 1947, this park named Bahadur Shah Parkas the part of the decolonizing of the Partition.

  1. Liberation War Museum
    Liberation War Museum is an exceptional place where anyone can learn about the freedom fighters who laid down their lives to achieve freedom from Pakistan in 1971. There has collected all materials that used that time by the freedom fighters.

This museum also displays how the genocide Pakistani armed force was steadfast in Bangladesh in 1971 and how Bangladesh had gained their freedom from Pakistan.

  1. Parliament Building
    Parliament Building is an Architectural palace where the parliament members of Bangladesh held their meeting. Louis I Kahn, the professor of Yale University, is the world-famous architect who designed this building.

Organically, it commissioned by Pakistan and started construction in 1964 and completed in 1982. If you find out the historical architectural place, this building will be the right place to visit for you.

  1. Ahsan Manzil
    In 1872, Nawab Abdul Goni, the wealthiest landowner of the city, built a pink palace that is known as Ahsan Manzil. It is an excellent Palace to look at. Every year a lot of visitors come to visit this pink Palace from national to international.

After 16 years of construction, it re-constructed when it damaged by the tornado. It is a beautiful building and the magnificent creation of architecture. So, any visitors should not miss this Palace to visit in Dhaka.

  1. Lalbag Fort
    Lalbag Fort is another creation of the Mughal fort that constructed in the 17th century. It is also an attractive visiting place for visitors in Dhaka. The construction of this for started with the hand of Prince Mohammad Azam that later handed to Shaista Khan, the governor of Dhaka.

At last, he didn’t finish building this fort due to the death of his daughter Pari Bibi. There was a tomb of his daughter inside of the fort. Inside the fort, there was a simple museum, including firearms, painting, swords, and calligraphy. This fort reveals the real love of a father to daughter. The visitors know about the Mughal emperor architecture.

  1. Bara Katra
    Another architectural place of the Mughal emperor is Bara Katra in Dhaka. It is the oldest building constructed between 1644 to 1646 CE. This building erected for use as an official house of Prince Shah Shuja. The prince soon after gifted the building to his Diwan.

In the 19th century, James Atkinson portrayed the building as a “stupendous pile of grand and beautiful architecture.” It situated in the neighborhood of the Chawkbazar of the old Dhaka. The visitors can enjoy this house close to the Buriganga river bank.

  1. Ruplal House
    In the late 19th century, Aratun, an American Landlord, constructed this house at first. Later, the Rupal brothers purchased this house in 1835. After that, they hired Martin and Co. of Calcutta to redecoration work. Ruplal House and Ahsan Manzil both of the buildings located very close. The area of those houses was the dwelling places of the wealthiest mercantile class plus top-class British officers.

The Rupal house presents the best culture of that time. This building was so expensive on-site. The most famous classical singer such as Ustad Alauddin Khan, Ustad Wali Ullah Khan, and thus more had come to host their shows into this house. This house is also so significant for any political works.

Food & shopping in Dhaka
Dhaka is not only full of historical places but also contains a lot of traditional food and various shopping malls. The food and clothes shop is also located in excellent restaurants or malls to the street where you can get general to high-level items quickly. Dhaka is usually called food paradise for foodie guys. who loves to eat and loves to explore different & unique types of foods.

Bangladeshi people love to eat paratha at breakfast in the morning. In the street or street-side restaurant, there have various available types of paratha. They are so juicy and delicious to eat. The vegetables or kitchen or any meat curry serve with it.

Biryani is the most famous and popular dish in Bangladesh, including Dhaka. Various types of biryani can be found in any restaurant at any time to eat. Kitchen, beef, and mutton biryani are so favorite here. They are so delicious and tasty than the price.

Main dish
As a Bangali, rice, dal, fish, and vegetables are the main that we love to eat at lunch. Vorta, vaji, shutki, and more types of vegetable table curry are available in every Bengali restaurant. Spicy and juicy items are so accessible with the Bangladeshi people. The visitors also can try this item, and we are sure that they like to try them again and again.

Haleem is another favorite food item in Dhaka. This food is made with various types of dal, rice powder, and spicy. It is so popular at the time of Ramadan. Most of the people love to eat it at Iftar time. Besides that time, it can be found all year in a few restaurants. The flavor and test of this item are so marvelous.

Fuchka is a food item that makes the spicy, sour, and sweet tests at a time. It serves with a chat masala that is such secret items for this food. Notably, the young generation loves to eat it when they want to go for rooming. The fuchka stall can be seen in front of the shopping mall, zoo, park, school, college, or university area every time. Fuchka sells in van or stall or any snack shop.

Street food
Various types of street food can get beside the road. The food seller sells their food from one place to another place, especially in which areas are very crowd. Here, the food seller tries to sell more everyday items that can buy anyone at a reasonable price. As a snack, you can try piajo, shingara, samousa, chop, and so on. If you want to drink, you can get many drinking items such as lassi. Mishit doi, yougert, and many types of fruit juice.

Doi chira
Doi chira is a popular food item that serves only the summer season. It makes with mishit doi, chira, and banana. It gives refreshment is such a hot season even in the noontime. Besides many visiting spots, this food can be seen that serves the visitors who become so tired.

In a sweet dish, rasmalai is such a prominent item. In any happy event, this item brings for serving to the guest. If you come to visit Dhaka city, you should try it even for a time. We hope you wish to eat it more time if you eat once.

Fresh coconut
Fresh green coconut is an accessible drink street food item in Dhaka. They are so sweet that it will refresh your mind and body simply. Anyone can buy them because they are not so expensive.

Bakhorkhani : Its is a biscuit type’s dry food of old Dhaka. People like to eat it with sweets, honey or caramel. It can be seen in the old Dhaka area, but now it can find in more popular areas. It is round in shape. The size of them will equal each of them. There are two types of bakhorkhani, such as salty and sweet.
Lassi is a popular drink. It is actually a traditional yogurt-based drink in Bangladesh. Mainly, people like to take it in the summer season because this time the weather is so hot. This drink gives freshness to the people. So, when they go out for a walk and feel tired, they want to drink lassi. I hope the visitors who come in the summer tour in Dhaka, they also love it to drink.
Shopping in Dhaka
If you love to bargain to buy any clothes, you can go to Bangabazaar. It is a glorious place where you can get new items, even old. The first time of the winter season, this place will be very crowded. At that time, this place is so gathered that you can’t move from one place to another quickly. All classes’ people gather here to buy their warm clothes at a reasonable price. All types of garments, such as newborn babies to older people, can be found here. You will fall in love with jeans and jackets there.

Aziz supermarket
For local clothe products, the Aziz supermarket is a very fantastic place. From child to adult, every age of people can buy their necessary clothes from here. You can also buy your selected items for your family members from one place at a time. This market will be so gathered at Eid and other festival times.

Dhaka new market
Dhaka’s new market is an old and more familiar shopping complex of Dhaka city for clothes to more items like ornaments, shoes, toys, and so much more.

Gaosia market
Among other oldest private markets, Gaosia is one of the most well-liked markets of Dhaka city. It is a market for women’s clothes. All types of ladies, trendy, and stylish clothes and dresses are available in this market.

Bashundara City Shopping complex
It is one of the biggest malls among the others in Dhaka city. Bashundhara city is an excellent place for you to shop for your family or friends. Here, you can choose the best wearing clothes for everything at a time to buy. I think you should not miss to visit it for a once if you come to Dhaka. Tuesday is Bashundhara City off day.

Jamuna future park: Largest place for shopping. This is considered one of the largest mall in south asia. People not only comes for shopping here but also enjoy movie at Blockbuster Cinemas. Beside shopping there is huge place for different types of rides, roller coaster. This is known by Jamuna Amusement Park. note to be point, jamuna future park off day is Sunday. So, apart from Sunday you can visit any of day of the week.

Star cineplex: For movie lovers, this is one of idea place in dhaka city. There is 3 star cineplex. one inside bashundhara city, shimanto square star cineplex and another in SKS tower in mohakhali. star cineplex mohakhali is considered to be the first multiplex cinema hall of Bangladesh.

Dhaka is an ideal place for visitors because it is full of more and more historical sites. Visitors also can enjoy his leisure time with the city’s street food or can be shopping for traditional clothes. Don’t miss to visit and enjoy your holiday in Dhaka city. And don’t forget our recommended place and Foods too.

Apart from this Dhaka city tour, We will publish Dhaka to kolkata tour, Dhaka to sikkim tour, Dhaka to Sikkim tour blog very soon. stay tune with us.

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