Emran’s Heritage Home: An Iconic Eateries In Old Dhaka To Give You The Feels of Zamindar

Emran’s Heritage Home is one of the best place situated on over six-bigha land if you want to enjoy the taste of old Mughlai dish situated in Puran Dhaka. The place is about 200-year-old zamindar house on famous Noor Baksh Lane at Becharam Dewri in Old Dhaka. Mr. Emran the sixth-generation descendant of this Zaminder has opened the doors to guests, offering a scrumptious “lunch at the Heritage Home”. Mr. Emran who is the man behind this innovative idea has started the heritage restaurant from September 2018. He also get inspiration from an organisation who working on architectural and urban heritage of Puran Dhaka.

Lunch at Emran’s primarily became popular among foreign dignitaries. They not only visit the home to partake in a journey of delicious delicacies, but also get a chance to admire the art and antiques preserved there. Just after started this project Most of the Highcommission offcial freqently come here and be the guests of Lunch at Emran’s Heritage.

Visitors come here also get a chance to watch a gold-plated two-hundred-year-old Quran, chandelier, a rusty sword, rare handwritten books, array of attars (fragrant essential oils), crockeries and many traditional things.

Food at Emran’s Heritage

Food is the most famous and popular among Food Lover. Specially who are fond of Mughol Dish. Here you will be feasted with Jafrani Polau, dimer shahi korma, murgir chop, morog khana ( A Special chicken roast), chingri malai, salad and borhani. To finish off the lunch adventure in this Heritage home, there’s also “zarda” waiting for you apart from that Misti, Firni will accompanied the desert part. The menu may varies. If Guests pre-order “anarash ilish” (hilsa with pineapple), Dolma or Kofta (meatballs) may add to the menu.

In the afternoon, Here Mouth Watering Mughlai parata, shuti kebab, bakorkhani are in the menu. But Kashmiri tea, cheese, bakorkhani or kaccha biscuit may added too.

Food Price: Price of the package started from 599 taka and The Highest price is 999 taka. It is depends on the food item. It is the price for 1 person. And no food is shareable. But under 7 years old there will be no extra charge.

Wow Factors:

  • There is an aesthetically colourful room inside it.
  • Stepping into the place, traveller can enjoy the ancient royal architecture. Ivies are spread around the house, hanging from the outer side.
  • There is a 300 year old table designated for playing cards for Zamindars.
  • From beds and sofas to the paintings and architecture – the entire house itself is a trip back in time to the 1700s-1800s.
  • A gold plated holy Quran in a 200 year old library.
  • On the rooftop, there is a garden and tennis court. It is great for groups to have BBQ parties here.

Contact Details of Emran’s Heritage Home at Old Town, Dhaka: 8/1 Noor Baksh Road, Becharam Dewry, Dhaka-1100

Contact Number: 01711-646462

Note: Please remember, Make phone call and get confirmation before make a plan to have lunch or dinner at Emran’s Heritage Home. For 3/4 people, few hours is enough to prepare the food and for a group of visitors 2/3 Days good enough to make reservation with Lunch at Emran’s Heritage Home in Old Dhaka. Anyone can reach the owner via his email address – [email protected]

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