Exotic Resorts To Stay In Bangladesh

10 Exotic Resorts To Stay In Bangladesh You Simply Must Check Into

Today we discuss Exotic Resorts To Stay In Bangladesh. Unlike the resorts in popular places, We hereby focus on relatively less popular places in Bangladesh. These resorts are amazing but most tourists tend to visit the popular destination of Bangladesh which makes these resorts nonpopular.

Panigram Resort: One of the magnificent resorts in Bangladesh. panigram resort Bangladesh is located near the mangrove forest Sundarbans. Which is

Nishorgo Ecoresort
Badaban Eco-Cottage
Jainta Hill Resort: The jainta hill resort in Sylhet is located at a truly remarkable destination Jaflong. From Tamabil Highway the Jaintia hill resort is just a minute away. One of those ultimate eco-friendly destinations, Jaflong is very renowned for having the privilege of being a beautiful place. Jainta Hills Resort is set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscape, it is a place to discover and enjoy the summer monsoons. The resort is very close to the Indian border of Cherrapunji, the highest rainy place in the world. Nearby the resort, there are few Tea Gardens, Betel leaf gardens, and stone-crushing plants, visitors can travel and enjoy those places. There is also an arrangement for folklore music by trivial families, Sylheti, local artists. Guests can have helicopter service for transportation from anywhere in the country.
Himachal Resort: Himachal Resort Sreemangal, a homely environment in the lap of nature. The resort is located very close to grand sultan resort and only 4 km away from the downtown area of srimongol.

Exotic Resorts To Stay In Bangladesh

Balishira Resort: This is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and invigorate yourself in Sreemangal, the capital of Tea. Balishira is a eco-friendly, luxury resort located close to Sreemangal’s hilly, reserved forest and tea garden area.
Chitra Resort: Nestled snugly on the banks of a tranquil River Chitra. This resort is The only hotel resort in Narail built right on the banks of the Chitra nodi. A meditative walk by the chitra nodir pare to dipping your feet into the river Chitra to river rafting – enjoy all this and much more at the resort at Narail. Chitra Resort, not huge But located in the bank of most beautiful river in the country.lets make your vacation the most memorable one.

Ratnodweep Resort: Ratnodweep resort pabna is another luxurious resort in North Bangladesh. In Pabna, the district which is relatively less popular for tourism is nested this amazing resorts.

varendra resort: Probably the best and only one resort name to be mentioned in Rajshahi division. Varendra resort Rajshahi is considered as the pioneer luxurious hospitality in this region. varendra resort is located into

Bonus: Shanti Bari Eco Resort-

ShantiBari resort is An Eco & Nature Resort Spread across huge farmland in the middle of the Tea Gardens. It is located just outside of the town of Srimongal.

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