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Bangladesh’s famous bridges you must visit

Today we will discuss Bangladesh’s famous bridges you must visit. You don’t need to be an expert to grow your interest in a bridge. Maybe, you’re riding or using them somehow on an everyday basis. But, have you ever thought of the work behind these bridges? The engineering, massive spans of concrete, metal, sand, and architectural material? If we think straight, there are very few people who really care about this thing. The economy of Bangladesh is growing massively. So, does Infrastructure & roads-highway, Bridges. These bridges not only develop a country’s economy but also create a tourist site too. In Bangladesh, there are thousands of rivers so do big/small bridges & culverts.

Here, we have listed some top bridges in Bangladesh. Also a major place for tourism.

Padma Bridge
Padma Bridge is a massive project. This one is actually up coming. Construction is almost finished. But still, this already became a tourist spot as so many interested people come to visit the half-finished Padma bridge. This is the most challenging, a discussed project in the history of Bangladesh. No other project got such attention as it. Padma Bridge is still under construction and it will be inaugurated probably by 2021. Since then people of Bangladesh will pour on to visit these biggest bridges. Tourists from around the world will join too. Padma Bridge will be a golden bridge and definitely gonna be super-attractive. The span is 150 m, the length is 6150 m and the width is 18.10 m. This is the biggest challenge for the Bangladesh government as they promised the people of this country to reduce the problem of traffic jams. Padma Bridge is a dream project.

famous bridges

Bangabandhu Bridge
Jamuna River is one of the most important rivers for Bangladesh. This driver detached from the northern part of the country. There was a communication gap and the people of the northern area were out of so many benefits they needed. Therefore, a plan needed to instigate and build a bridge was too much necessary. This decision finally came into reality. The work for the bridge started in 1994 and it took more than 800 days to complete the project. The building of the Bangabandhu Bridge helped the way for the development of the agricultural sector, transport, and overall communication system of the northern area’s people.

Meghna Bridge
This bridge is generally a road bridge in Bangladesh. Meghna Bridge is located on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway road. The biggest donor to Bangladesh, Japan was the main donor behind this bridge. At first, it was mostly known as the “Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Bridge”. It was constructed by the Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. The bridge was opened on February 1, 1991. Meghna Bridge is the single but largest project from Japan to Bangladesh. The total length is 900 m and the width is 9.2 m. According to a survey, more than 40 percent of trucks on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway route use this bridge to transport their necessary goods. So, the economic impact is also high.

Lalon Shah Bridge
Lalon Shah Bridge is located over the Padma River. This is a road bridge also known as the “Paksey Bridge”. This bridge is situated between Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna on the east, and Bheramara Upazila of Kushtia on the west. The length of the bridge is 1.8km and the width is 18.10m. This bridge provides a very important road-line connection between various routes. It is situated parallel to and south (downstream) of Hardinge Bridge.

Hardinge Bridge
The oldest bridge in Bangladesh. The name “Hardinge” came from British Lord Hardinge. In 2015, it celebrated its 100 years celebration. It is a steel railway bridge over the river Padma located at Paksey in western Bangladesh. Since its inauguration in 1915, it has become one of the most vital strategic and economical infrastructures in Bangladesh. Hardinge Bridge is located in Pabna. The length of the bridge is 1.8km.

Shah Amanat Bridge
This bridge is the first-ever cable-stayed bridge in Bangladesh. Shah Amanat Bridge is situated on the most crowded route in this country. Shah Amanat Bridge over the Karnafuli River connects the southernmost districts of Bangladesh to the rest of the country. This bridge is 950 meters in length and 24.47 meters in width. Shah Amanat Bridge is very important for geographical reasons. Most of the tourists pass by this bridge when they travel to the port city of Chittagong or the Chittagong-based tourist spots.

Rupsha Bridge
Rupsha Bridge is perhaps the most beautiful bridge in Bangladesh. Huge numbers of people gather here in the everyday evening time to enjoy themselves with their dear ones or friends. Rupsha Bridge is famous for connecting to Bangladesh’s second largest seaport. It has a huge part in the country’s economical structure. The bridge stands at 1.64 kilometers in length and 16.48 meters in width.

Keane Bridge
Sylhet is one of the biggest tourist spots and business places in Bangladesh. When you enter this city, you have to pass a bridge. This bridge is none other than Keane Bridge. Every day lots of people use this bridge for economical reasons. The bridge is only 350 meters in length and 5.4 meters in width and is one of the most beautiful bridges in Bangladesh for sure.

Maybe, we don’t see at bigger picture. The reason is we passed this giant projects in everyday basis. But, we should think about it. We should think about how these important bridges keeps our economy alive as well as ease the pressure of people on communication. As construction of more bridges continues throughout Bangladesh, the country’s progress will get much faster. These Major bridges become major tourist spot too, where hundreds of thousands people hangouts or go to visit the establishment.

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