Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City

4 Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City

know details about the Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City

Batali hill:

Batali Hills is located just 1 km away from Zero Point in the Tiger Pass area of ​​Chittagong city. Its height is about 260 feet.

Batali hill is also known as Jilapi hill by many people. This hill is also called Jilapi hill because the road of Batali hill is twisted like a Jillapi patch. The environment of this hill is very calm and beautiful.
Every morning and afternoon a large number of people gather at the top of the hill. You will find fresh air and a beautiful environment on the top of the hill. Many people flock to Batali hill every day to breathe in this fresh air.

It is a beautiful place for morning and evening walks. There is also a place to rest when you reach the top of the mountain. People are fascinated by the view of sunrise and sunset from the top of the hill. Its highest peak is called Shatayu Aangan.

The entire city of Chittagong can be seen from its highest peak. Many years ago, there was a lighthouse on the top of this hill to guide the ships sailing in the sea.

There are about twelve thousand more plants of different species on this hill. Big and small so many trees make the environment of this hill more pleasant. It is a beautiful place to take the family. Cycling can be done on the beautiful road on the hill.
A cannon was placed on Batali hill during World War II.

Batali Hill or Jilapi Hill is located in the main center of Chittagong. Chittagong has road connectivity with almost all the districts of the country. So you can come to Chittagong from any city and enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful and picturesque hill.

There are many hotels of different quality in Tiger Pass and Lalkhan Bazar area. You will find good hotels here with good quality and low budget. You can reach Batali Hill by CNG or any other vehicle from the bus stand.

C R B hill area ঃ

C . R . B is a well-known undeclared tourist spot in Chittagong city. It is one of the oldest installations in Chittagong. The full form of C.R.B is the Central Railway Building. CRB was established in 1899 to integrate the geographical location of Chittagong and the transport facilities of Chittagong port with the railways. This C.R.B has stood as an important witness of history.

Aka Baka road, high and low hills, this huge area is covered with forests. This C.R.B is one of the most beautiful places in Chittagong. It is a place to bring peace to civic life. A number of aesthetic installations have been constructed including. Walkways have been constructed around the intersection of seven roads of C.R.B.

Sitting on the shirishtola, you can hang out with your friends in this beautiful environment. Every day about a thousand people visit C.R.B. It is a beautiful place for walking, people go to breathe in the fresh environment every day.

Youngsters of almost all ages are seen playing.
Then you will see the names of the heroic freedom fighters on the memorial plaque. Then you will see the model of the steam locomotive engine of 1899. The railway hospital is located on the east side of the road of C.R.B.

The biggest festivals of the Bengalis are currently celebrated in the vicinity of this important installation of the CRB hill station and at the foot of the hill. Nearly lakhs of people gather for the Baishakhi festival, spring festival, and traditional Sahabuddin’s boli khela. At present, this C.R.B is called the heart of Bengali culture in Chittagong.

You can come to Chittagong from any city and visit this traditional place. You can go to C.R.B any time of the year, but in the evening the environment is much more beautiful.


DC Hill is one of the most beautiful places in Chittagong city. At present, its official name is Nazrul Square. It was renamed “Nazrul Square” on April 10, 2005, in memory of Kazi Nazrul Islam. But still, now people know it as DC Hill.

DC Hill is located 1 km away from Zero Point from the main center of Chittagong city.At the top of this hill is the official building of the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong.
DC Hill is located on the Buddhist Temple Road in Chittagong city.

This hill is surrounded by big and small trees. The environment of DC Hill is quite pleasant and beautiful. There is also a park. Various organizations organize events here around the year. Cultural events, songs, dances, etc. are organized at DC Hill.

There is a big stage at the bottom of the hill. All kinds of ceremonies are performed on this stage. There are many small and big flower shops around it. It is a place for the old people to go for morning walks and a hang-out place for the young people.
The people of Chittagong have been celebrating the Pahela Baishakh, The Bangla New Year festival at DC Hill since the early 1980s. It also hosts national and cultural days, stage plays, open film screenings, and various cultural events.

DC Hill is located at Buddhist Temple Road in the Nandan Kanan area of ​​Chittagong city. You can visit this hill from anywhere in Chittagong.

Cheragi hill:

The city of Chittagong, known as the commercial city of the country, is also called the second capital of the country. Chittagong has long been known as the queen of the East for its beauty.
With all this, Cheragi hill stands tall in the middle of Chittagong city. Chittagong’s Cheragi Hill Junction is one of the areas for art, literature, culture, and creative practice. The Cheragi Hill Junction is located between Andarkilla Junction, DC Hill, and Jamalkhan Road.

The people of Chittagong have heard some fictional stories about this hill. However, the extent of its veracity has not been known to date.

It is said that the Sufi saint Hazrat Badr Aulia (Ra) came to Chittagong by picking up a piece of stone floating in the sea. At that time the people of Chittagong did not live there but the city of Chittagong was covered with huge hills and forests.

Many people believe that this mountain was inhabited by forest dwellers. Hazrat Badr Auliya (Ra) with a miraculous earthen lamp in his hand crossed the forest and climbed a hill, the jinn tried hard to stop him but failed. He climbed up the hill and lit the miraculous lamp on the top of the hill and all the jinn escaped from there.
Then people started living slowly. For this story, this hill was named “Cheragi hill”. It is not possible to present any scientific argument for this story today. In time, the Cheragi hill complex became the Cheragi Junction.

Today’s view of Cheragi hill is completely different. Now when we talk about Cheragi hill we see many daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, TV channel offices, many publishing houses, and hawker association offices are also floating. A huge printing press has developed.

A number of institutions, banks, insurance, stationery, computer training centers, banks, hospitals, mosques, temples, halls, and all kinds of commercial, social, and industrial literary institutions have sprung up around the Cheragi hill junction. Cheragi hill junction is one of the commercial capitals of Chittagong.
After Dhaka, Chittagong ranks second in terms of the publishing market, which is centered on Cheragi.

What makes Cheragi turn even more beautiful is a lot of flower shops located there. It looks like a flower kingdom. All the big publishing and bookshops in Chittagong are located at the corner of Cheragi. The big bookstores are Batighor, Nandan, Prathama, and Granthanilay libraries are well known here.

It is very natural to think of a huge hill at first when you hear about Cheragi hill but the reality is different. In fact, there is no drop off the mountain. All the big buildings have been built by cutting the hill.

However In the busy life of a citizen, when you feel suffocated you will find relief by chatting with your friends at the corner of Cheragi. Everyone here, adult or young are friends. Everyone listens to everyone here.

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