Jaflong – Plan your sightseeing Trip of waterfalls, Tea Gardens & Hills

Jaflong is the most attractive tourist place in Sylhet, located at the border between Sylhet divission of Bangladesh and Meghalaya states of India. Jaflong sylhet is one of the scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens, Hills. For its amazing natural environment Jaflong Sylhet become the popular destination of tourist.

Must Visited place in Jaflong Sylhet

Must Do Activities in Jaflong

– Collection of stones from Goyain River
– Aakhta Fall
– Colorful Khashi tribal life
– Dauki and Piyain Rivers
– Jaflong valley boarding school
– Tea Garden
– Orange and Jackfruit gardens
– Betel leaf and areca nut gardens
– Hill Khashia
– Dauki Bazar
– Tamabil

Note: Though tourists come in large numbers in winter, We recommend you to visit Jaflong in the rainy season to see the real beauty of the falls cascading from lush green mountains.

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