Mangrove forest

Sundarban National Park – King of Mangrove forest

Sundarban National Park is one of the traditional and popular places in Sundarban. It’s a mystery in the largest mangrove. Its place is shared by Bangladesh & West Bengal, India. It is a huge place for tiger reserve and bio-diversity is clearly visible here. in-fact, This park is one of the biggest reserve places for tigers. The uncountable amounts of birds and species can always be seen in here. UNESCO incised this place as one of the ‘’World Heritage Sites’’ in 1987 and this place got attention from every corner of the world. It was branded as a national park in 1984. Sundarban National Park has also been considered a ‘’World Biosphere Reserve’’ since 2001. This heritage site is such a huge place covering almost 4264 square kilometers in India. The usual temperature of this park is usually 22 degree Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Monsoon also happens there during summertime.

Sundarbans was created through the merging of three rivers name Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna which is the world’s largest estuarine haven. Sundorbon National Park is considered as one of the most prolific biologically productive natural ecosystems in the sub-continental region. This park got a devastating hit in 2009 when a tropical cyclone named ‘’Aila’’ hit there and it forced many people to flee the area and also made enormous destruction of sunderban as well as sundorban National Park(India Part).

The sundarbans National Park is a great attraction for tourists. Every year thousands of visitors come here to feed their arduous search for wildlife. But, there is a problem. The forests especially the deep areas of forests are very dark and eerie. Roads are also not very good as deep forests are usually muddy. Visitors have to hire a boat to explore the forest. However, they’re not allowed to go on restricted place and they’re also strictly prohibited from reaching too deep forests as lots of tigers used to live there.

Mangrove forest

Sundarban National Park contains numerous numbers of species. The name Sundarban comes from the tree named ‘’Sundori’’ which means ‘’Beautiful’’ in native language. Sundarban is the place of countless Sundori trees and that’s how ‘’Sundarban’’ name came. It is believed that more than 300 tigers live in Sundarban. They often describes as ‘’Man-eater’’ as nearest villagers have very bad memories with them like the deaths of their familiar people. Apart from the tigers, there are also lots of domestic animals like wild boars, Foxes, Chitals etc living there. The park also contains a huge number of avian fauna like Pintails, Plovers etc exotic species.

Now-a-days global warming is a very familiar word which is becomes a top subject to the whole world. World leaders are also gathering in every year basis to discuss about it. Sadly, global warming could be a big reason which many environmentalists think that can pulverize a massive amount of Sundarban. It is also a place for sub-channel. It is surely one of the best and exciting places for visitors. A very few places where people can find the true meaning of massive wilderness. It is an unsighted paradise for anybody. Sundarban Natural Park is an astounding and compelling place for any tourists. Tourist from around the world come here to watch it. Every year number of tourist are increasing as this place is very much diversified and its really a wild terrain.

Four protected areas in the Sundarbans are enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, viz Sundarbans National Park, Sundarbans West, Sundarbans South and Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuaries. The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha), lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal.

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