US-Bangla is operating flights directly to Chennai

Today we will discuss US-Bangla is operating flights directly to Chennai. US-Bangla is one of the promising airlines in Bangladesh. It constantly adds new destinations to its capacity. US-Bangla airlines started a new service for their customers. With their impeccable quality of services they already become one of the most popular and trustworthy private airlines in Bangladesh. From now on, they started another glorifying project. They announced that US-Bangla will now fly directly to an Eastern Indian state called Chennai. They will fly there via the port city of Bangladesh, Chittagong. This service will incept from March 31 and primarily it will fly over to Chennai 3 days a week. But, they have a plan to maximize the days to visit there in the future.
Few Months back, US-Bangla airlines confirmed this news in Sonargaon Hotel. They are pretty much excited about it and they are hopeful that their customers will get largely benefitted by it. The one way ticket to Dhaka-Chennai’s lowest price will be around 15000 taka. The return ticket gonna cost around 24000 taka. Every kind of tax and surcharge will be included in this ticket, according to US-Bangla officials.
US-Bangla CEO Imral Asif explained vividly to the journalists about their project. According to his statement, US-Bangla will fly to Chennai on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning stage.
Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu state which situated in Eastern India. This is one of the most high class areas of India. This is also the place of automotive industry. Chennai also has Marina Sea Beach which is considered as one of the longest sea beaches in the world.
The medical sector is also very high quality in Chennai. Chennai considered as the most reliable place for medical and surgical treatment in sub continent. It’s no secret that India is one of the fastest economic growing countries and their medical treatment is almost world-class now-a- days.
Imran Asif also stated that their service will reduce the problems of Bangladeshi patients who seek to get health services to India. According to him – a Chennai based hospital name ‘’Apollo Hospital’’ has reached a strategic partnership with US-Bangla which will severely benefit the people of Bangladesh who will go for medical treatment. Apollo Hospital will start providing a service name ‘’Master Health Check Package’’ for BD patients.
US-Bangla is also unfolding a service for the tourists. Tourists can spend 2 days and 3 nights at the cost of around 32 thousand taka.
US-Bangla CEO Imran Asif confirmed it.

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