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St Martin’s Island- Best relaxing place/Island you can go on a vacation alone in Bangladesh

St. Martin’s Island is a unique location for an Island getaway in Bangladesh. In fact, St. Martin’s Island is the only coral island and one of the most attractive Eco-Tourism destinations in Bangladesh. This Bangladesh marine paradise is located in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal, just about 9 km south of the tip of Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsula and 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar.

relaxing place

st. martin’s island at the mouth of the Naf River. This island forms the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Among the locals, this island is known as Narikel Jinjira(নারিকেল জিঞ্জিরা) (Coconut Island). St. Martin’s Island is a unique location for an Island getaway in Bangladesh.
The characteristics of 12 km long sandy sea beach is very pleasant with a gentle slope. Crystal clean water with rich biodiversity and unpolluted nature play the vital role to attract the tourists. There’s nothing more strenuous to do here than soak up the rays, but its a clean and peaceful place without even a mosquito to disrupt your serenity.
Chhera-dwip ( ছেড়া দ্বীপ ) is a part of St. Martins Island but divided during tides. You can go to Chhera-dwip by walking. About two and a half hours walk from St. Martin’s Island or you can go there also by local motorboat or tourist boat. In that Island you will find the Corals – living and dead all over the Island. A small bush is there which in the only green part of Chhera-dwip, enhancing the beauty of this island. People do not live in this Island, so advisable for the tourists to go there early and come back by afternoon.
The best time to travel to Saint Martin is from September to April. At that time, the season is suitable for traveling to Saint Martin.

Note: Bangladesh government recently has taken decision to ban tourists’ Night stay in St Martin’s Island from 1st March, 2019. Then again Government has withdrawn the restriction. Till 2020 it remain open for visitors. Very soon, it would be shut down for regular tourists as chhera island(popularly known as Chera dwip) & saint martin island bangladesh is under environmental threat.

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