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Best 10 Resort & Hotel in Saint Martin

Today we discuss Resort & Hotel in Saint Martin. Saint Martin is a wonderful Rocky Island in the Bay of Bengal, 25 km away from Teknaf. The coral sent martin Island is considered one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Bangladesh. Because of its amazing natural beauty, there is grown a number of resorts and hotels in saint martin Bangladesh. and in season tourists are pouring onto this charming island. sent martin hotel remains open until government notice time. usually, From October to March Saint martin hotels serving to the traveler. Anyways, To choose the best one at own budget here is The list of hotels in saint martin Bangladesh :

Hotel abakash saint martin Bangladesh: Abakash Parjatan Saint Martin is a resort that offers understated services with a sense of authenticity, value and local culture. and Appayon Restaurant is their own restaurant. Price is reasonable and taste too. This is a sea side restaurant in Saint Martin Island, serves Bangladeshi and international dishes, soft drinks .tea, coffee, green coconut water & Bar-B-Q etc. Abakash Saint martin is one of oldest night stay place in Saint martin. Except the main building of the hotel we have two cottages in our campus. There are 22 well-decorated rooms, 6 cottages rooms & 5 dormitories. To book this parjatan hotel 01716789634 is the manager’s contact number. Price ranges from 2500 to 6000 taka only.

Resort & Hotel

Neel Digante Resort: Neel Digante is one of the best resorts in Saint martin. . It is completely close to the western beach to the island and an ideal place for those who want to lose themselves in nature. It has 6 types of room started from 2500 taka to 6000 taka. but in off season there is discount on room rent. The overall setting of the resort is complemented with beautiful natural location, good facilities and moderate service to ensure the satisfaction of their guests.

Coral Blue: There are 24 rooms with full equiped. You can observe sea waves and listen roaring of the sea from your room. Coral Blue resort is located on the last part of this tiny island on 24 acres stretch of land. With its 18 echo friendly tents, 9 delux type rooms and a dormitory for group. There is a restaurant which serves local cuisine with fresh fish on the menu everyday. One more advantage of this resort is, this is just 7/8 mins walking distance from chera dwip. To book call here- 01844-170350.

Blue marine: An absolute stunning pearl island of Saint Martin. This resort is costly but totally suited for Saint Martin. If tourists visit there, they will really feel a different types of feelings. The overall view is very astonishing. Moreover, visitors can enjoy sunview from here. There are different types of service available in this resort. They are VIP, Executive, Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Kutir, etc. The location of the resort is at an idle place so people can enjoy peace at harmony. This place is such a perfect place to get refreshment away from city life.

Music Eco Resort: This resort is basically the last corner of Bangladesh. Tourists will have the luxury to watch sunset and sunrise very clearly from here. The resort is almost 10 acres. Moreover, this resort is well-organized, organic and nature friendly resort. Moreover, that’s the things which makes it different than other resorts! If somebody wants to have relax and enjoy life without amenities, this place is very suitable for them.

Saint Martin resort: This resort situated in the western part of Saint Martin Island. It is 25km away from Teknaf. Saint Martin hotel is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Saint Martin. Moreover, the price range is not that expensive and you can easily stay here for affordable price. The hotel rooms are very comfortable with modern amenities like en suite washrooms. All of the rooms contains wifi system, Televisions as well as modern furniture and components. Furthermore, apart from the hotel, there are two cottages “URMI” and “UDAY” is much popular among the tourist.

Resort Labiba Bilash: Labiba resort is commonly known as Atlantic resort. This is considered as one of the luxurious resort in st. martin. This resort has Teknaf – st.martin -teknaf ship. which offer a comfortable journey from cox’s bazar to Saint martin. The Atlantic Cruise is a luxury vessel for saint martin trip. Price started from 2000 and Premium Double bed room rent is 3000 per night.

Shamudra Bilash Ananda Ashram: Another good place for tourist. In saint martin island this hotel is pioneer resort in this island. Somudro Bilash ST. MARTIN resort established by the great writer Humayon Ahmed. It consist 7 cottage. 2 for couple and another 5 cottage for 3/4 people. All cottage name is based on his popular novel name. From the saint martin jetty the resort is situated 10 minutes away. For inquiry anyone call VromonBilash tour 01911920666.
Sea world resort: Not so big or exclusive but if you are looking for very calm & quit place to stay at st.martin this would appropriate for you. Rounded by bambo fencing the room is medium in size and all room is in a same direction. Though no veranda is attached with room but if you stand in front your room the whole is visible and it seems the sea is calling you. So, the overall atmosphere is good for one or two night stay at a low cost. To book or get information call 01720110957 or 01619008889. Address: 113,Kona Para,Saint Martin,Teknaf Upazila,Cox’s Bazar-4762 Saint Martin Dwip, 4762

Somudra kutir resort saint martin: Sumudra Kutir Resort is one of the most exquisite beach resort at Saint martin island which offers decent services to their guests. It is in the western part of the island where fascinating sights and sounds abound within close proximity to somudra kutir resort. the overall setting of the resort is complemented with beautiful natural location, moderate facilities and standard service. It is completely close to the western beach to the island and an ideal place for those who want to lose themselves in another world. Maximum room priced on 3000 taka and few family room are 3500 taka. To book their room contact 01716-296934.

Coral view resort st. martin: Probably, the most expensive resort in saint martin. It was Founded in 2012 by Bangladesh Navy in the Forward Naval Base, St. Martin Island, Cox’s Bazar.It provides all the decent services and facilities for its customers. If you’re looking for beautiful surroundings, nature, and total relaxation, you’ll find it here at Coral View Resort. Different range of Seaside Luxurious rooms with well equipped and all the facilites. Family suits price 6500 taka and double bed deluxe room starting at 5,500 taka. For reservation just dial the number 01796-446653.

Sunset Serenity: sunset serenity resort, st. martin’s island, bangladesh is one of very few exclusive resort in the blue water island. This is an eco-responsible accommodation with decent facilities plus well of service. They provide by-cycling facilities, WiFi facilities, 24/7 solar electricity, Boat trip around the island, snorkeling trip to chera dwip even offshore fishing. For reservation thi saint martin hotels You may Call Sunset Serenity: +8801781-813360

Hotel Prince Heaven: Prince Heaven Hotel and Resort is a two storied building with a total of 24 different types of rooms.Though outlook of the building is not upto the mark but it has an amazing sea view. Moreover, Beach is stone through distant away from this hotel. To book their room this is the customer care number: 01972-225010

Snorkel opportunity at Saint Martin’s Island: Few hotels & tour opeators company arrange the snorkel opportunity around Saint Martin’s Island or near chera dip. Any tourist can enjoy the snorkeling in the vast blue sea of Saint Martin.

Though the island is very much vulnerable due to natural calamity but the hotel in saint martin cox’s bazar are growing day by day. Its because of increase in demand. Right now, All the hotels & resorts have capacity of 3000 tourist in a single night. saint martin Bangladesh is the most amazing destination in Bangladesh. To stay in sent martin the potential traveler may choose from the above. Have a nice stay at the only coral island of Bangladesh.

Here we have listed almost all saint martin resort and hotels with their Booking numbers:

❤ Abakah Parjatan Ltd- 01716789634
❤ Baganbari Resort- 01787022220
❤ Blue Lagoon Resort- 01818747946
❤ Blue Marine Resort- 01713399001
❤ CTB Resort- 01815632037
❤ Diamond Sea Resort – 01753817449
❤ Dream Night Resort – 01812155050
❤ Hotel Sand Shore – 01815632037
❤ Hotel Sea Inn – 01722109670
❤ Hotel Sea Find -01626182725
❤ Kingshuk Eco Resort -01815648731
❤ Kokonut koral Resort – 01790505050
❤ Labiba Bilash Resort – 01714634762
❤ Light House Resort – 01819036363
❤ Nil Digonte Resort – 01730051004
❤ Nishorgo Kutir Resort -01812426221
❤ Music Eco Resort – 01613339696
❤ Panna Resort Saint Martin- 01819222212, 01765152565
❤ Prasaad Paradise – 01796880207
❤ Shimana Periye – 01731962662
❤ Shomudra Kanon – 01713486866
❤ Shomudra Kutir – 01616-503129
❤ Shayari Eco Resort – 01711232917
❤ SKD Resort -01797261261

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