Nuhash Polli, The Most Popular Writer Humayun Ahmed’s Estate which is relaxing & Entrancing

Back in 1987, Humayun Ahmed bought 40 Bigha estate and build a place to have Tranquility. He named the place after his Son Nuhash Humayun. Since then this place in Gazipur, the outskirts of Dhaka city became most favorite for him. Day by day, he uses this 14 Acre land to make everything he likes … Read more

In A Truce With Nature Nokkhottrobari Resort

Few days from the busy life and relax in a resorts which dominant by lavish green gives a restart to the life. To keep that in mind, there is many resorts in gazipur were grown up. Nokkhotrobari is pioneer among them. Infact, Nokkhottrobari Resort is among the most Amazing resort in Gazipur Away from worries … Read more

Chuti Purbachal- an exquisite resort near Dhaka

To spend your weekend in a peaceful natural environment & want to taste the rural surroundings, Chuti Resort Purbachal is the solution for you. This well appointed resorts situated outskirts of the city are perfect for a day trip or overnight accommodation. This resort is considered as the best resort in 300 feet dhaka. Which … Read more

Bhawal Resort & Spa – A truly magical and Luxury setting near Dhaka

The luxurious bhawal resort & spa, located in the Vawal national park, is an exclusive destination for those looking for relaxing holiday that combines Luxurious living, swimming, wellness and gastronomy. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the huge Bhawal forest. The five-star vawal resort is a triumph of design and comfort throughout; … Read more

Dream holiday park – Complete Family Entertaining Resort near Dhaka

In Narshindi Pachdona Dream Holiday Park is the biggest of its kind. Visitors from Dhaka in dream holiday park narsingdi is increasing since the launch of narsingdi park. This popular amusement parks in Narshindi are the ideal way of the Dhaka city dwellers and tourists to spend an adventurous and thrilling day out with friends … Read more