Sajek, The valley of Cloud’s best 10 resorts to stay

sajek resort locationSajek Valley is one of the latest craze for young gens of Bangladesh. Right now, it is one of the most popular tourist destination of this country and highly popular among visitors. Sajek is at of Rangamati Zilla. Sajek is almost 1720 feet higher from sea level. Most of the Rangamati’s parts can be seen from this place. Therefore, Sajek is called as “the rooftop of Rangamati”. The scenic beauty is Sajek is ineffable. This place is literally shows up in full rhythm at every seasons. However, Autumn and winter is the best season to enjoy the real beauty of Sajek.

People can stay at night in Sajek Valley. As this place is hugely popular, lots of resorts constructed at this place. Here, we are going to discuss about the top resort in sajek which could be helpful for you if you’re going to visit this place.

MeghKabbo Hilltop Cottage

This is the only hilltop cottage in here. MeghKabbo Cottage is such a beguiling boutique cottage in the midst of cloud. The tree woods of this cottage is almost from eighteenth century and gives a spectacular vibe. The accommodation condition is so well and the manners and services are beyond expectation. It’s like another home upon cloud. The whole views and feelings of Sajek is completely visible from the rooms of this cottage.

Ruilui Resort

Ruilui inhabitants is one of the ethnic group in Sajek Valley. They also offered accommodation for the tourists. Moreover, if you want a budget-friendly place, Ruilui is the perfect place for you. The ecological beauty, natural vibes, chirping of birds, nature, everything is so mindblowing. This could be a great place for the students.

MeghBilash Resort

It’s a tremendous resort of Sajek. The whole place covered with exquisite woods. Cloud can be catch from the room of this resort. Moreover, the management and team are very friendly and well-mannered. The sunrise of Sajek is so clearly visible from this resort.

Megh machang:

This is one of the popular resort in Sajek at Ruilui para. Small cottage type resort but it has an amazing view of Sajek valley. If you choose to stay at Megh Machang then very early morning is the best time to utilize the reason to live on this eco resort. Megh means Cloud and machang means special types of room made with bamboo & wood. Idea of Machang brought by Marma tribal people. after check in this Cottage, In the night, a south breeze wind will refresh your mind completely. In peak season, traveler if lucky enough can enjoy the night stay here with nature and green.

Sumui eco resort:

Probably one of the expensive resort in Sajek Valley. Sumui resort offers standard rooms with washroom. The one night stay price started from 2000 taka which is relatively high in compare with other resort in Ruilui of Sajek at the Rangamati district. If you want to feel the depth of calmness, serenity & natural beauty of lash green hills this is the best option to stay in.

Jumghor Eco Resort:

Jumghor resort is best for shared room as well as couple. One can choose this eco friendly resort to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains in a noisy, humid environment.

Lushai Resort:

Lushai name came from The ethnic minorities people “Lushai” who has different taste and design their home. The Cottage actually made with their home concept. The most amazing thing of this resort is their room decoration and well arrange back side along with balcony. Moreover, their food is mouth-watering and unforgettable. Once you have check in this resort you will never forget their service as they are going to treat you as their guest at home.

Adrika Eco resort:

Adrika means Hills and mountain. And adrika eco cottage is also over the mountain. Though the place is relatively small but it has its own charm for the tourists.

Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari:

This Cozy little cottage is famous for jhi jhi poka or cricket bee. If you want to enjoy the sound of crickets and enjoy the starry night this is best option. Rent per night is low in Jhi jhi pokar bari. On a budget travel in Sajek, Rangamati, Chittagong this one can be explored.

Meghadri eco resort sajek: Meghadree Eco Resort in Rangamati is a guest house with 8 Rooms. All rooms include a balcony with a scenic view of sajek valley. This is one of exclusive resort here in Sajek. The visitors can enjoy the mountains, dense forest,grasslands hilly tracks, cloud on the sky and mijoram village from the resort’s balcony. in terms of overall looking, this is one of the best in Ruilui para, sajek. For reservation just call their hotline- 01883 697728.

hotel in sajek bandarban


Sajek Army Resort: If you want enjoy tropical mountain, the beauty of valleys of mountain and want to stay above the cloud Sajek Army resort name RUNMOY is the place you might love to stay. Runmoy is also open for all bangladeshi. sajek resort army is situated on the road side of Dighinala – Sajek main Road. For sajek army resort booking call the Engineering department who control and manages this resort at 01865-347688 or 01769-302370. and make reservation before you start.

Madventure Resort – Sajek: In Madventure resort you will stay above the cloud level and at the dawn Sajek is submerged in cloud and look like an island in the middle of the cloud. For senior citizen they have a nice arrangement to view the cloud kingdom and green hills. It provides 24 hour water, fan, light & 3 hour Generator for mobile charge. Cost for Single/Couple room is 2500 BDT and for a Double Room its 3000 BDT. For reservation contact 01885-424242.

If green, hills, sky, touch the cloud and tranquility are your passion of life, then have a trip to Sajek, Your mind will be refreshful and invigorated. Mark your travel list and make your next destination to Sajek.

Sajek valley Bangladesh is such a wonderful place to spend a night. The view of sunrise is indescribable. The valley is mixture of both natural beauty and man-made architects. As a tourist, its such a memorable thing to stay night at Sajek where you can feel the nature, touch clouds and feel the difference of surroundings. Although the place is little bit expensive, but it’s completely worthwhile and you’ll totally paid off its charming view and resources.

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