Sea Beach In Chottogram

4 Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram, Bangladesh

4 Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram

Today we will discuss 4 Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram.

Patenga sea beach :

Patenga is one of the most beautiful tourist centers in Chittagong city. Patenga is known as the beauty of Chittagong all over the country. It is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli and 14km south of Chittagong. Patenga is one of the favorite places of the people of Chittagong. The popularity of this beach has never diminished as it is easily accessible.

Patenga sea beach was badly damaged by the 1991 cyclone. At present, the embankment has been made of cement. To make this beautiful 5km long beach a modern and world-class tourist destination, work is underway. Several plans are being implemented to make this beach more attractive. The finished decoration work has already caught people’s attention.

The view of sunrise and sunset in Patenga is very pleasant and beautiful. The lush greenery of Zhaoban on the one hand and the vast expanse of the blue sea on the other will welcome you.
There are also speedboats for cruising the sea, sea bikes, and horses for cruising on the beach. For this, of course, you have to calculate the fixed fare as per the hour. The road to this beach was not well developed before, but gradually the authorities repaired the road. Along with the beach, many shops and food stalls have sprung up in the shade of Zhaoban.

Shah Amanat International Airport and Bangladesh Naval Base BNS Isa Khan are located near Patenga. As these places are close by, you can visit them together. It’s a great place to hang out with family and friends.

If you want to visit Patenga sea beach, first you have to come to Chittagong. You can go to Patenga sea beach from Chittagong in different ways.


Kattali beach is located in Chittagong city. The beach is located on the south side of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, a short distance from Chittagong city.
The beach is located in the South Kattli area of ​​the Pahartali police station. Another name of the beach is Sagorika, Jalepara beach.
This beach is very beautiful and secluded. Its environment is so pleasant. The beauty of the place easily attracts nature lovers. There are trees lined up on one side of the beach. The sea on one side and the rural environment on the other side make the beach more beautiful.
This is a great place for a picnic with family and friends. This is a place where you can drive, ride a horse, ride a speedboat and go around the ocean. The view of the sunset is delightful. Lots of birds gather here in the Keora forest.
In addition to seabirds, there is a wide range of birds such as Woodpeckers, Dove, Doyle, etc. The lush green beach, the mangrove forest, canals, birds, dinghy boats, and fishermen with fishing nets. All over it is like an imaginary world. Like the uninhabited sights of Chittagong, this beach in South Kattali is very popular and attractive.

The beach has no seating, sheds, toilets, restrooms, hotels, restaurants, drinking water facilities, car parking, or security. So you have to be fully prepared before coming here

To visit this beautiful beach, first, you have to come to Chittagong city. You have to come to Pahartali police station first from Chittagong city. Pahartali can be reached by private car or CNG or microbus. From Pahartali, you have to cross the side of Zahur Ahmed Stadium on the toll road. This Kattli beach is next to the toll road. It is easily accessible by the toll road.

Guliyakhali sea beachঃ

Guliyakhali beach is located in Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong district. It is also known as Muradpur beach.
Guliyakhali Beach is located at a distance of 5 km from Sitakunda Bazar in Sitakunda.

It is completely different from other beaches in terms of nature and structure. The wide green carpeted grass has made Guliyakhali beach different. An open desert of green grass by the sea. In this field of green grass, crooked canals have arisen naturally.

Nature has spared no effort to decorate this impeccably beautiful beach. On one side there is a pair of horizon waters, on the other side, there is Keora forest. The roots of the Keora tree can be seen around the canal flowing through the Keora forest. This forest has gone much deeper into the sea. The environment of the beach at Guliyakhali is secluded and captivating.

The unique combination of birds, waves, and wind can be seen on this beach. This beach was less crowded than before. However, at present a lot of people gather on this beach, to see its enchanting view. The beach has not yet been officially recognized as a tourist destination. The beach is not safe at night as there are no tourist police.

If you want to come to this beach, you have to come to Chittagong first. Since this beach is located in Sitakunda, from Chittagong you have to go to Sitakunda. You can come from anywhere in the country to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Bansbariya sea beach:

you will find all the beautiful forms of nature in Sitakunda, Chittagong. A new tourist center has been added to this beautiful place.

25 km from Chittagong city on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The name of a market in the north is Bansbariya Bazar. You can reach Banshbaria beach by walking for 15 minutes through this market.

The main attraction of this beach is that you can walk for more than half a kilometer over the sea. Although it is known to everyone as the sea, Google Maps shows it as a canal. Rows and rows of Zhou trees in the Zhou garden and the newly awakened huge sand field, all in all, a wonderful beauty awaits the visitors.

You have to come to Chittagong first to enjoy the beauty of Banshbaria beach. From Chittagong you have to go to Sitakunda by bus, tempo, or car, then from Sitakunda, you can go to Banshbariya beach.

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