4 Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram, Bangladesh

Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram

Patenga sea beach :Patenga is one of the beautiful tourist centers in Chittagong city. Patenga is known as the beauty of Chittagong all over the country. It is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli and 14km south of Chittagong. Patenga is one of the favorite places of the people of Chittagong. The popularity …

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10 Best Beaches in China

China is one of the biggest country in the world and it touches at 18k Km coastal line. So there are lots of beautiful beaches too. Few are amazing for holidays and most of them are use for other purpose. The 10 most popular beaches around China we recommend here according to people’s perception and …

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7 Sea Beaches in Bangladesh You Must Visit (1st one is best )

Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country blessed with numerous eye-catching sea beaches in the world. The location of Bangladesh is in narrowly above the sea level and this is the fundamental reason behind various beaches and sea coasts in this small country. Here, we want to discuss the most exquisite and soporific Sea Beaches in …

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