Sundarbans is opening for Tourist from November 1, 2020

Finally, the good news come out from the Ministry of Forest and Environment. Our Pride The Sundarbans mangrove forest is opening for its tourist from Local & International arena. The Sundarbans, the most adventure destination of Bangladesh is going to open for tourists after being closed for seven and a half months.

Tourists will be able to visit the Sundarbans from 1st November. Tour operators have already started preparations. Tour Operators are renovating and arranging their cruises. Tour operators say the response from tourists has been much higher than at any other time in the Covid infection. However, tour operators will be able to conduct travel activities according to the previous rules in accordance with the hygiene rules.

Due to Covid Pandemic restriction, There will be a maximum 75 people are usually allowed to travel on a large ship. There are more than 50 tour operators are operating Tour packages in Sundarban. Among them Nijhoom Tours, Dhaka Holidays, Amazing tours, Expeditions tours are the best service provider. To explore the beauty of Sundarbans one may contact with these tour operators for small group tour. Inbound Tour Operators also offer Rocket steamer tour package in Sundarban.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Forest Department announced a temporary halt to tourist and boat traffic throughout the Sundarbans Since March 19. More than 50,000 people visit the nine tourist areas of the Sundarbans during the tourist season (November to March). And Sundarban is considered as the most foreign tourist visited destination of Bangladesh.

So, Get ready to roar with the Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban!


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