Best 10 Resorts near Dhaka with Stunning settings

Resorts near Dhaka

Today we discuss the Best 10 Resorts near Dhaka. There are more than 100 Resorts near Dhaka only to meet the increasing demand of Dhaka tourists on their weekends. Resorts in Gazipur, Mauwa, Munshigong, Narshingdi, and Narayanganz gain much popularity for days out or for picnics or staying one or two nights. So, a shorter …

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Best 10 Affordable Resorts in Gazipur for 2022

Affordable Resorts in Gazipur

Today we will discuss Affordable Resorts in Gazipur. Affordable Resorts in Gazipur Saheb Bari Resort: Saheb Bari Resort is one of the most Affordable Resorts in Gazipur. Few Facts about Saheb Bari Resort in Gazipur: 26 comfortable rooms with all facilities and amenties. All Rooms are equipped with Tea/Coffee Makers and a mini refrigerator. Full-Service …

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