Best 10 Resorts near Dhaka with Stunning settings

There are more than 100 Resort near Dhaka only to meet increasing demand of Dhaka tourist in their weekend. Resorts in Gazipur, Mauwa, Munshigong, Narshingdi, Narayanganz gain much popularity for day out or for picnic or stay one or two nights. So, shorter period of holiday can easily become so enjoyable with friends and family … Read more

Best 10 Affordable Resorts in Gazipur for 2021

Affordable Resorts in Gazipur

  There is a growing demand for resorts near Dhaka. Cause, most of the people who lives in Dhaka city eagerly waiting for a shorter holiday spend at nature. resort in gazipur is become truly demanding to Corporate and busy people who rarely got any chance and able to make the money to make a … Read more