Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor, a fascinating place You will love to travel

Tanguar haor is situated in Sunamgonj district in Bangladesh. It emplaced at Meghaloya’s rock surface of Sunamgonj. It dwells almost 100kms of area. Tanguar haor is the second biggest mithapani’s wetland in Bangladesh. There almost 42000 people’s maintenance is closely related to this haor. Tanguar haor is the second place of ‘’Ramsar’’ after Sundarban due to its international worth. It has also got admiration and concentration internationally and slowly becoming an attractive tourist spot. Tangoar Haor is also a very important place for fishing and boating.

The most alluring matter of Tangaor Haor is nomadic and emigrating birds. There are lots of emigrating birds comes across from Siberia, Nepal and various countries among our own endemic birds. They implant their nests in this haor. Every winter season more than two hundred emigrating birds make their homes in Tanguar haor. Palacec Eagle, Grey kingstork are among the birds comes from other countries. Pankouri, Dahuk, heron, sea gull are fewest examples of our native birds chap. Tangaor haor is also keeping a great exaltation in ‘’fishing’’. Bangladesh government takes huge amount of gains from fishermen from this haor. There are also over hundred of clean water fish species leads their lives in here .There are more than hundred and fifty reptile and more than thousands of spineless living beings also living in Tangaor haor.

Tanguar Haor

How to visit Tangaor Haor

Dhaka to Sunamgonj – 500 taka in Mamun Enterprise. Shyamoli and Ena are also among buses whom travel to Sunamgonj. From Sunamgonj busstand then its Sahebbazar ghat by rickshaw. And the final phase to come Tangaor haor is to hire engine boats from Sahebbazar. Tanguar haor is definitely one of the biggest waterlands of our country and an appealing place to visit.

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