The tiny island in the Bay of Bengal

Bhashan Char: The tiny island in the Bay of Bengal

Today we will discuss The tiny island in the Bay of Bengal. Bhasan Char previously known as Char priya or Thengar Char, is an offshore island with forest and deep blue water of the Bay of Bengal. This island is situated in Hatiya Upazila. It covers a total area of 40 square kilometres. It appeared in the Bay of Bengal just a decade ago, formed by the one billion tons of silt that flow every year from the peaks of the Himalayas to the turbid waters of Bangladesh’s Meghna estuary. The island has a long sandy and grassy beach. The forest department of the Bangladesh government created mangrove forests since
the time of its discovery.

The tiny island in the Bay of Bengal

Bhasan Char has the natural beauty of mangrove forests where visitors will find animals of specific species, Monkeys, and few unknown insect, reptile & wild creatures. A huge number of migrated birds come in this Island in the winter season, enhancing the beauty of this Island. During the high tide, a significant portion of the island becomes covered in water. The eye-catching and very quiet environment of this island will be no more as it becomes the refugee island Bangladesh.

Sail out from Noakhali Chairman ghat visitors can go there by trawler. So, it would take much courage and enough expensive to go there. Since 2017 the year Rohingyas have started fleeing to Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh now planning to relocate them to this calm, quiet and silent place. With the help of the Bangladesh Army, they are making the basic infrastructure for Rohingya living. This remote island will convert into the biggest refugee island as soon as Government will start to shift Rohingya refugees here in Vasan char.

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