Time in Bangladesh

Traveler in Bangladesh frequently wants to know, what time is it in Bangladesh ? Because, everything depends on timing. from hotel check-in to attend meeting or catch the next air, train or bus. Many visitors adjust their mobile and hand watch after the arrival or during enter into Bangladesh. Many foreigner then search on google to know the exact timing. They keep searching by wasting their time. They googleing phrase like,” current time in bangladesh ” or ” what time is it in bangladesh right now ” or ” time in bangladesh right now “.

Advice: In Bangladesh, to attend everything on time, you must keep at least one hour in your hand. So, time in Bangladesh travel must be noted very minutely.

Bangladesh time zone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone GMT+6. As Bangladesh Standard Time is 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+6) so visitors should adjust according to his/her own country’s timing. In 2009, Bangladesh has implemented Day light saving time. For the limited period of time, Bangladesh keep DST time for 1 hour. Following the year of 2010, Bangladesh government has permanently cancel the DST time.

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