Tourist Spots in Comilla

The 10 Best Things to Do & Tourist Spots in Comilla

Today we will discuss Best Things to Do & Tourist Spots in Comilla. the official name Cumilla is one of the best tourist destinations and also one of the top-searching Tourist Spot In Bangladesh followed by Coxs Bazar, Sylhet, Sajek, and Bandarban. This big district of Bangladesh is full of history and archaeological sites. This place has so many places to visit with historical importance and its rich culture. This place is the closest district to the capital city Dhaka just 3 hour drive. After the government implemented 4 lane highway, Comilla becomes more nearer to Dhaka’s inhabitants.

Shalban Vihara:

Tourist Spots in Comilla

Shalbon Bihar is a famous historical archaeological place in Mainamoti, Comilla. A Traveller must be amazed to Know the precious history of this historic site. The place has numerous mounds and it’s glorified in the natural splendors of Cumilla.
Shalbon Bihar is almost 8 km southwest of Comilla town and the Lalmai Moynamoti is on its east side. There is a saying that, once the whole area was full of plenty of Shaal trees and for that, the place has been named so.
There are two rooms on both sides of the entrance to the watchtower. It looks like a large convent built of bricks. It is surrounded by the wall and the rear wall is 5 metres wide. The monastery wall enclosure has a single entrance.

Magic Paradise Park: Recently launched this magnificent park for the people of all ages. This park has introduced various types of rides & dinosorous park, water world for kids and adult visitors. This park is widely considered as one of the biggest amusement park in Bangladesh. Magic paradise comilla is situated at Shalmanpur, Kotbari, Cumilla. Which is stone through distance away from Comilla University premises. The park remain open everyday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 Pm. They offer DJ party on every Friday and Saturday at the water world. Magic paradise comilla ticket price:
Entry Fee 200 Taka
Water park 300 Taka
Ride fee 50-100 Taka

Contact Number for inquiry and corporate Booking- 01714-130945
Mainamati War Cemetery: Comilla War Cemetery is the graveyard of those soldiers who died during the 2nd world war in Bengal front. This Commonwealth War Graves, Mainamati Cemetery, Comilla becomes one of the tourist place in Comilla. The green landscape of this place is amazing which attracts visitors comes here.
Rupban Mura: Rupban Mura is one of attractive and historical archaeological site in Comilla. It is situated at Kotbari.
Lalmai Pahar: Lalmai-Mainamati hill range is popularly known as Lalmai Pahar. The north part of the hill is called as Mainamati and the south part of the hill is called as Lalmai. Probably, this was named as lalmai because of Red soil or because of Lalambi Forest herein Kotbari. Most of the hilltops are capped by reddish-brown soil, which also the reason of being beautiful scenery of the hill range. The average height of the hills is about 15 meter but some peaks rise up to 45 meter or more. Visitor come here from near and far to enjoy this scenic hill in Cumilla.
Dharmasagar: This is basically a pond which was initiated by A Tripura’s King. He dug out this pond about 4 hundred years ago. Dharma Sagar Dighi now becomes the popular tourist place in cumilla. Every year Nouka Baich competition held here.
Comilla Zoo and Botanical Garden: Comilla zoo along with the botanical garden spans on a total 10.15 acre land. This place is one of much visited place in Cumilla districts. The establishments is situated in the Kaliajhuri area of Comilla city.
Palace of King Bhoj: Bhoj rajar bihar situated near to the Itakhola Mura is another archaeological site in Cumilla.
Blue Water park: One of the popular amusement park in Cumilla. Everyday, people of all ages visits the park.
Comilla Jagannath Temple: Sateroratna Mandir or seventeen-jewel temple is mostly known as Jagannath Temple. Jagannath Dev Mandir is another ancient establishment initiated by Tripura king few centuries ago. Sri Sri Jagannath Dev Temple is 4 storied building and it has charming design which was build 400 years ago. Besides the Jagannath Mandir there is another temple. Hari Krishna temple. A traveller can visit the both at a time.

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