UNMISSABLE Places to Visit in Cox’sbazar

12 UNMISSABLE Places to Visit in Cox’sbazar!

Today we will talk about UNMISSABLE Places to Visit in Cox’sbazar! Pristine sandy beaches, more than 100 km long sandy natural beach, which is the longest beach in the world, coconut palms, amazing islands, Bay of Bengal and tropical weather. Everything has made Cox’s Bazar the most attractive tourist place in South East Asia. Cox Bazar is the most famous tourist destinations in Bangladesh. People travel from far and wide to this city for its diverse mix of beaches, Fun activities, nature, and archaeological sites.

If you are planning your vacation to cox Bazar then Just sit tight and make it more extended to explore this at its best. Why? A holiday to cox Bazar offers you a sneak peek to the world longest beaches, stunning landscapes, beautiful island, mouth-watering sea food and heritage sites. Here’s a list of 12 absolutely amazing tourist places to visit in cox Bazar which will keep calling you back for more.

Ramu: South asia’s biggest coconut garden located in Rajarkul union of Ramu. This amazinig garden has at least 1 million coconut plants project is being initiated by Bangladesh Agriculture development corporation. Ramu has Rubber Garden, pagodas, Buddhist monasteries, and a bronze Buddha statue that is 13-feet in height and 100 feet long buddha which attracts people from all over Bangladesh. To explore all this, tourist need to visit Ramu, which is 15 km away from Coxs bazar bypass road.

Moheskhali Island: This magnificent hilly island is worth visiting for its amazing neighborhood and few anchient establishment. Tourist can enjoy here several Buddhist monasteries, Jalabon, various species of animals, famous Adinath Mandir, Rakhain Para and Golden Temple, Jhaubagan as well as Charpara Beach. And the tourist who loves to eat Bettle leaf this island is the best bettle leaf producer in the world. Apart from Bettle leaf garden, In Maheshkhali Dwip one can see the Salt field where salt manufactured and Dried fish market village.

UNMISSABLE Places to Visit in Cox’sbazar

Saint Martin’s Island: Visit Saint martin Island is not only a trip to the destination, but it’s a trip where sightseeing from the water is included. You will see so many places which look absolutely different from land. Right now, From Coxs bazar a direct ship is available. apart from this only ship, tourist may go from Teknaf. So, in both way one can enjoy the whole trip. Saint martin offers amazing scenic views of Bay of bengal. Snorkeling, fishing and swimming at the sea near saint martin beach, which is exciting too. Stay at night in Saint martin is another charming thing in the saint martin trip.

Sonadia Dwip: Sonadia Island lies in the bay about seven km. off Cox’s Bazar. It is considered one of the magnificent tourist spots for natural beauty lovers. Most importantly the island is surrounded by the sea beach on the three sides. The beautiful sonadia island is visited by the Domestic and International tourist all over the world through the year and as the season changes the enjoyment become more amazing. Each season have its different attraction in the island. During winter, fishermen set up temporary camps on the island and dry their catches of sea-fish.
Coxbazar is also attracted for its islands and the mangroves along the river side and there comes the crabs, shallow water fish and birds so to encourage that there is something new which has been started for tourist such as Sea fish watching, fishing, bird watching, crab and prawns catching which brings the massive enjoyment to the tourist and a life time experience. Sonadia is the biggest island for dry fish. Sonadia Eco-Tourism Park is being under process. Govenment has taken a plan. In which Sonadia Eco-Tourism Park will be established on 8,967 acres of land in phases in nine years. But 909 acres of land will effectively come under the planned area, while the rest will be kept as it is. After completion the project Sonadia Park will be the next tourist destination along with the existing.

Burmese market: If you’re looking for a thoroughly fun shopping experience, then visit this burmese market. Here you can find over 200 shops selling everything from clothes to home décor, dry fish, dry foods and souvenirs. Barmiz market is one of the most bustling areas in coxs bazar town. The rates can fluctuate so makes sure to bargain. Mainly, the tribal people is operating those shops. Burmese market cox’s bazar, Bangladesh are located in Coxs bazar Sadar town area.

Himchari: When you pronounce Coxs bazar, people visualize the world’s largest beach. But Cox’s bazar is more than these pristine beaches and Bay of bengal. It is also blessed with varied landscape as it is situated hilly area. Himchori is one of them but best one of its kind. There are many small and big hills in Coxs bazar. Specially if anyone going through marine drive road one side is sea and the other side is small and big hilly area. Located at a distance of 2 km from Kolatoli beach in Hotel motel zone in Coxs bazar, the Himchori Waterfalls is a magnificent fall as it cascades from the lofty mountains and falls from a height of 70 feet. Himchari waterfalls is also a popular picnic spot for it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The revered and popular pechar dwip is also close by making the spot all the more popular.

Inani Beach: Located almost 32 km away from Coxs bazar Parjatan motel zone, this Inani Beach is an 18-kilometre-long sea beach in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District. Travellers come here to see the Beautiful Enani beach to enjoy the Sunset. It is also a leisure destination as tourists love to read books by the sea side and play sand making games here. Also Inani has lots of coral stones. These coral stones makes this beach unique and one of its kind. From Coxsbazar there is many transport like CNZ, Auto, Rickshaw to go Inani.

Dulahazra Safari Park: cox bazar isn’t just all about beaches, Hills and Islands. There is a Safari park for the animal lover name dulahazra safari park chakaria. Don’t miss the chance to explore the country’s biggest safari park in cox bazar. where approaximately 4,000 animals of 165 species are staying here without disturbance from human. It has been visited by 6000 people per day in peak time and 2000 people in off peak time.

Dried fish Market: This Dried fish market is held every day from morning until mid night on the southern end of Kolatoli Beach. The market has exploded in size and attracts tourist. It’s now got over 200 stalls and is still growing. You’ll find a huge assortment of dried fish there, but make sure you bargain.

Kana Raja’s Cave: Another highlight of a trip in Cox bazar is Kana Rajar guha. The pothole is at least 350 feet and anyone can dive into 70 feet. There was a saying, About 400 years ago, A marma King who was blind made this cave for his own purpose. This place is 25 kilometres away from Laboni Point of Cox’s Bazar beach, lies uncared for many years. Since 2/3 years this amazing place got noticed by the authority. In this cave painting on the wall can be seen. The cave made by Kana raja can be quite unstable after 70 feet and present unique challenges to spelunkers. The rest of the cave can’t be explored by walking. So, crawling and by dragging the body over the ground

Aggmeda Khyang: Aggmeda Khyang Monastery is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Coxs bazar and home to a country’s largest buddhist Monastery . at least half million buddhist community people visits this holy place every year. The old manuscript, rare images of Buddhist and the amazing architectural design is the added bonus to a tourist.

Radiant Fish World: Radiant Fish World is considered as the Biggest Aquarium In Bangladesh. In this fish aquariam tourist can enjoy at least 1000 species of fish. There is very rare types of fish can be seen. This must visit place will cost 300 taka for Bangladeshi tourist and 600 BDT for international tourist. This is an artificial sea world which is situated at Jautola, Main road of Coxs bazar downtown area.

Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive : A Futuristic Road which is considered as the World’s longest Marine Drive constructed in Bangladesh. An 80-kilometre road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf along the Bay of Bengal. The road is a marvellous feat of construction, just about twenty feet wide, and metalled and black pitched, and looked as virgin as the clumps of jhau forests on the sea side. Nothing can be more pleasing to the eye than watch the wide Bay of Bengal from horizon to horizon under a downcast sky. Tourist usually enjoy the beauty of the marine drive by private cars or Jeep or Chander Gari or hiring battery-run three-wheelers.

Acuaholic Tourist Caravan : Since 2020 a new open-roof sightseeing bus has been launched in this road. Tourist now have an opportunity to watch the beautiful waterfront and hilly areas along the 80-kilometre-long marine Drive road. Everyday this bus started from the Kalatoli point of Cox’s Bazar at every morning at sharp 9. The Destination is for Teknaf Peninsula. In the day long package it will stay at the beautiful Sabrang tourism park of Teknaf. This two-storied decorated Tourist Caravan has a open roof, big size windows, comfortable chairs and a library of tourism-related books. The tourists able to enjoy mountains and fountains on one side and blue sea and red crab racing on the shelf on the other side. This day long caravan will costs 2000 BDT which includes breakfast, lunch & snacks too.

With exotic beaches, picturesque Hills and mountans, exhilarating activities, leisurely accommodations, rich history & culture, amazing archaelogical sites and Sea foods, Coxs bazar become the top tourist destination in Bangladesh.

cox’s bazar weather is moderate round the year. It varies from 18 Degree Cel to 35 Degree Cel.

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