Zinda Park

Zinda Park – 10 Things you should know about this Latest Tourist Attraction

Amazing Zinda Park, one of the most popular & magnificent tourist destinations in Dhaka District located at Rupganj of Narayanganj which is very close to Dhaka city. Zinda Park’s breathtaking beauty has wooed travelers from all over Bangladesh, especially those who live inside and nearby Dhaka city frequently come to visit this nature park.

The park sprawls over 21 acres of land and is home to an amazing treat for the eyes. Zinda park become the lone destination since 300 Feet of road construction has ended. Since then travelers pours on to this place. And this place is considered the top visited tourist place near Dhaka City.

Zinda Park

Zinda Park

Zinda Park Cottage: To get authentic rural life Zinda park Dhaka cottage is perfect for night accommodation. This cottage is made of mud and straw. It provides an authentic feel of rural life to visitors. These Zinda park cottages are rented out to visitors, costing between BDT 3,000 and 5,000 per night.

Library: The park also hosts a library which is one of the charming places to visit. The design and architectural view will amaze visitors.

Lake: There are 5 lakes inside Zinda Park. These Five artificial lakes surround the park as a boundary. Three sides of the park are enclosed by these lakes. Among these five lakes, two are used for fishery. It enhances the total view of this park overall.

Tree House: Another attractive thing about Zinda park narayanganj is the Tree House. Visitors can stay and sit and enjoy over the top of the tree.

School, College & Clinic: The architectural design of the school, college & community clinics will give a soothing view for any travelers.

Natural View: The whole of Zinda park is full of natural beauty. Lots of trees and planned forestation make this place amazing. At least a few thousand trees from over 250 Species.

Mosque & Graveyard:

A mosque with beautiful architecture designed by the founder of the park is located inside the park. It has been designed with rare terracotta collected from different parts of Bangladesh. There is also an Eid gah in front of the mosque, which can house about 400 to 500 devotees for the morning prayer during the two Eid festivals. The total area for mosques and Eid-gah is around 0.99 acres. There is a graveyard beside the mosque. The area of the graveyard is around 0.495 acres.

Attend Various Programs: Pohela Boishakh is the biggest program in Zinda Park. Apart from that Eid, Durga Puja and other Bangali traditional festival is the great time to join here.

Canteen: Inside Zinda park, The canteen is divided into two sections—a restaurant and a snack bar. Their wide menu consists of finger foods to proper meals covering breakfast to dinner. Mohua Restaurant offers amazing mouth-watering deshi food.

Memorial of Freedom fighters: A memorial beside the mosque has been constructed to honor the freedom fighters of the Liberation War in 1971 also a great place to visit. Zinda park narayanganj memorial attracts visitors due to its architectural beauty.

How to go to Zinda Park: You can go to Zinda park by Bus. The Best ever route is going via Kuril Bishwa Road, where You can see the BRTC bus/counter at the start of 300 feet. After the Bus trip and getting down from Bus there is many Auto Rickshaw or Tempo to go to Kanchan Bridge.

From there Zinda park is a few mins away. Another route to go to Zinda park is via Tongi Station Road. This route is best for those who are the inhabitants of Uttara, Dakkhinkhan, Tongi, Gazipur, and nearby areas. From Tongi Station road there is Bus and Leguna or Auto Rickshaw go Mirabazar. Then From Mirabazar, you can directly connect to Zinda via another Leguna or Auto Rickshaw.

Behind the Scene: Agrapathik Palli Samiti is the organization that makes the dream come true and the main architect behind the Zinda Park Idea. This Samiti was established with the intention of providing to the community.

Tobarak Hossain Kusum, one of the main founders of this committee also contributed 60 Bigha Land from his own. And the other 4 Founding members Mohd Nasir Uddin Kazi, Mohd Sahadat Hossain Akand, Mahbubul Alam Kazi, and Mohd Tabarak Hossain Akand also contributed a lot to making this dream come to be true. It’s been almost 30 years to make it zinda park which looks like it right now.

A few things During this trip, You will be impressed with not only the architecture and its aesthetics but also the maintenance efforts by the community members of the park. It was super clean, even the grass was well-groomed and all the buildings were designed exceptionally well.

If one were to step inside their primary school, one won’t be surprised by the contemporary style of design employed in the architecture. Zinda Park is the place where any traveler/nature lover would re-visited with a lot of time just to bask in its scenic, serene ambiance.

Zinda Park Contact Number: Mr. Abdullah Al Shahin- 017175025083, 01816070377

So, Zinda park is the perfect place to get refreshment from Everyday life. this is a space of solace through which Urban people get the chance to embrace nature. Zinda Park is an exemplary and respectable concept for saving nature and an ideal village that turned into a profitable eco-park.

Travelers from Bangladesh and foreign countries frequently visit this place and discovered nature in a great way. Especially, People residing in Dhaka city or nearby areas Zinda Park is a shigh of relief for them.

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