Zinda Park – 10 Things you should know about this Latest Tourist Attraction

The Amazing Zinda Park, one of the most popular & magnificent tourism destination in Dhaka District located at Rupganj of Narayanganj which is very close from Dhaka city. Zinda Park’s breathtaking beauty has wooed travelers from all over Bangladesh Specially who lives in inside and nearby Dhaka city frequently come to visit this nature park. …

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Bangladesh’s famous bridges you must visit


You don’t need to be an expert to grow your interest towards a bridge. Maybe, you’re riding or use them somehow in everyday basis. But, have you ever think of the work behind these bridges? The engneering, massive spans of concrete, metal, sand, architecture material? If we think staraight, there are very few people who …

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Sikder hotel and resort kuakata, Luxury living in Kuakata!

Sikder hotel and resort kuakata

Sikder hotel and resort kuakata is one of the most luxurious places to stay at Kuakata Beach towns hinder Resort and Villa come up with 5-star facilities in the panoramic sea beach of Bangladesh, Kuakata. This place is called Sea queen of Bangladesh. A few years ago Kuakata didn’t have so many luxurious hotels for …

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Top 12 Archaeological sites in Bangladesh you must visit

Archaeological sites in Bangladesh

Archaeology is one of the must-see things in Bangladesh. Various sources advocate that there are about 2500 archeological sites in Bangladesh. But researchers have located 452 archaeological sites in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Archeology Directorate works to preserve, discover, and maintain these archaeological websites. Likewise, let’s know approximately a number of the maximum well-known archeological web …

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Sajek, The valley of Cloud’s best 10 resorts to stay


Sajek resort location Sajek Valley is one of the latest craze for young gens of Bangladesh. Right now, it is one of the most popular tourist destination of this country and highly popular among visitors. Though Sajek was unexplored for a long time but now it become the most attractive destination for the tourist in …

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Best 10 Resort & Hotel in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a wonderful Rocky Island in the Bay of Bengal, 25 km away from Teknaf. The coral sent martin Island is considered as one of most beautiful and amazing place in Bangladesh. Because of its amazing natural beauty there is grown a number of resort and hotel in saint martin Bangladesh. and in …

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Panam City Sonargaon- Reveals our Rich History

Panam Nagar is an ancient city of Bangladesh. It is situated in Sonargaon, Narayanganj district. The whole city can remind you the rich and prestigious primitive era of Bangla. This city is surely the carrier of history and culture of Bengal. The amazing Panam City located in Morgapara, only a few kilometers away from Dhaka-Chittagong …

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Best 10 Resorts in Gazipur near Dhaka

To extricate people from the stressful and monotony of the busy urban life, numbers of resort in gazipur has grown up and people are getting very much fond to take visit in those resorts. Currently, There are almost 100 of resorts near Dhaka. And maximum are in Gazipur, few are in Savar and another adjacent …

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10 Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar for 2020

When thinking of beaches, Cox’s Bazar the only name comes to mind. Cox’s Bazaar is regarded as the most attractive tourist destination of Bangladesh. This is the longest beach in the world. Therefore, the fame of Cox Bazaar has been spread worldwide. This is the reason this place is not only engaging towards Bangladeshi people …

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Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in Dhaka

Dhaka is one of the most traditional and populous cities in the world. As a Muslim and historical country, Bangladesh usually attracts a huge number of tourists and travelers across the world. Those visitors come from both Muslim and Non-Muslim fraternities and stays at hotels in dhaka. To host these varieties of travelers, there are …

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10 incredible destination at Bandarban you don’t wanna miss

Bandarban journey has the best part with these 10 enthralling places. During a tour you shouldn’t miss this place. Bandarban is South-Eastern district of Bangladesh and a part of the Chittagong hill Tracks. In-fact, Bandarban is treated one of the natural greenery district in Bangladesh where you can see the tallest peaks of Bangladesh. Bandarban …

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Beauty Boarding, Old Dhaka’s Historical presence in modern era

Established in 1949, Beauty Boarding is considered as the classic place in Old dhaka, where visitors see the history with present day. This historic place still stands with pride of our old days and remains popular for its affable atmosphere and reasonable prices. History of Beauty Boarding: The historical place Beauty Boarding Bangla bazar reminds …

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15 sylhet tourist spot You must Put on Your Bucket List When you are in Sylhet

Sylhet is designated as “the daughter of nature”. Thats why, When a Tourist is looking for serence atmosphere and spectacular views then Sylhet is the name comes first before any place of Bangladesh. When a Traveller wants some rejuvenation for his/her body and soul through natural retreat and wants complete refreshment then no one can …

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Kuakata Grand hotel & sea resort – Luxury Boutique Hotels in Kuakata

Looking for an accommodation with the cutting edge of modern hospitality at Kuakata – The daughter of Ocean? You may want to consider this 5 star equivalent hotel in kuakata to your wish list, where the luxury meet elegance. With a name like kuakata grand hotel you know to expect something a little over the …

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12 UNMISSABLE Places to Visit in Cox’sbazar!

Pristine sandy beaches, more than 100 km long sandy natural beach, which is the longest beach in the world, coconut palms, amazing islands, Bay of Bengal and tropical weather. Everything has made Cox’s Bazar the most attractive tourist place in South East Asia. Cox bazar is the most famous tourist destinations in Bangladesh. People travel …

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Top 10 Incredible tourist Places in Sundarbans one should not miss

Sundarbans are an invaluable assets for Bangladesh. From environmental aspects to financial aspects, there is no alternative to the Sundarbans. It is called as our lifeline. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. which is shared between the countries of Bangladesh and India. sixty percent in the Bangladesh region and Forty percent of …

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Fantasy Hotel & Resort, The Luxury living in Saint Martin Island

St. martin island is paradise on earth. The crystal clear blue waves, white sand, gorgeous sunrise & sunsets, amazing coconut trees, delicious coastal cuisine and the chilled vibes attract people here not only from Bangladesh but also from all over the world. Fantasy hotel & resort saint martin is considered as the most luxurious accommodation …

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Heritage Resort Narsingdi – Luxury is reflected in the ambiance of every place

At The Heritage heritage eco resort madhabdi narsingdi, every effort is made to ensure that guest feel pampered. Along with this, the resort offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy their guests of all age groups. From conference hall to picnic, this is the best resorts near Dhaka coupled with service of excellence. heritage resort narsingdi …

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Best 5 Best hotels in Chittagong city | Luxury Hotel list (2021))

Chattogram is the port city of Bangladesh. And it called commercial capital city of the country. So, in terms of Business, education and other financial condition this city is huge. And that’s why the city is witnessing a rapid growth in the hospitality industry. Chittagong city currently has more than 100 hotels. of them few …

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Best 10 Cox Bazar Hotel at an Affordable Budget

To explore The 120 km astonishing longest beach in the world travellers from Bangladesh and the rest of the world come to Cox’sbazar. To accommodate a large number of tourist there is hundreds and thousands of hoteliers have come forward and invest here. Starting from no star hotel to 5 star hotel there is enormous …

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Best 10 Resorts near Dhaka with Stunning settings

There are more than 100 Resort near Dhaka only to meet increasing demand of Dhaka tourist in their weekend. Resorts in Gazipur, Mauwa, Munshigong, Narshingdi, Narayanganz gain much popularity for day out or for picnic or stay one or two nights. So, shorter period of holiday can easily become so enjoyable with friends and family …

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Best 10 Affordable Resorts in Gazipur for 2022

Affordable Resorts in Gazipur

There is a growing demand for resorts near Dhaka. Cause, most of the people who live in Dhaka city eagerly waiting for a shorter holiday spend at nature. resort in gazipur is become truly demanding to Corporate and busy people who rarely got any chance and ability to make the money to make a short …

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15 remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka One Cannot Miss!

Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka

Today we discuss Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the megacities in the world. This is a city of almost 20 million populations which is growing regularly. Dhaka is surely one of the densest cities and of course a very dirty city too! Dhaka is a …

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15 Finest Hotels in Dhaka at an affordable price (updated 2020 May)

Finest Hotels In Dhaka

Here we discuss the Finest Hotels In Dhaka. In the past decade, new 50 hotels have opened in Dhaka and at least a few more are expected to open in the next few years. Dhaka the megacity of Bangladesh has increasingly witnessed the hospitality industry is booming. The boutique hotels in Dhaka, chosen by our …

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7 Sea Beaches in Bangladesh You Must Visit (1st one is best )

Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country blessed with numerous eye-catching sea beaches in the world. The location of Bangladesh is in narrowly above the sea level and this is the fundamental reason behind various beaches and sea coasts in this small country. Here, we want to discuss the most exquisite and soporific Sea Beaches in …

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4 Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram, Bangladesh

Amazing Sea Beach In Chottogram

Patenga sea beach :Patenga is one of the beautiful tourist centers in Chittagong city. Patenga is known as the beauty of Chittagong all over the country. It is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli and 14km south of Chittagong. Patenga is one of the favorite places of the people of Chittagong. The popularity …

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4 Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City

Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City

know details about the Romantic Hill area in Chottogram City batali hill: Batali Hills is located just 1 km away from Zero Point in the Tiger Pass area of ​​Chittagong city. Its height is about 260 feet. Batali hill is also known as Jilapi hill by many people. This hill is also called Jilapi hill …

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Top 6 Travel Accessories For Tweens ( A Mother’s choice)

Travel Accessories For Tweens

Today we discuss Top 6 Travel Accessories For Tweens. Tweens are growing up fast and are now interested in a variety of activities outside of the home. These activities can include going on vacations, enjoying outdoor activities, and exploring different cities. Planning a family vacation can be a lot of fun, but it’s not always …

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5 Best Travel Pillow For Backpacking( The editors choice)

Best Travel Pillow For Backpacking

Reviews of 5 Best Travel Pillow For Backpacking: 1.Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Stretch Pillow: If you are looking for the best camping pillow but at an affordable price then thisultralight stretch pillow brought to you by Vital Outdoor store is the perfectsolution for you. This pillow by Outdoor Vitals is your saving grace thecamping. It’s a …

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5 Famous Hill in Chottogram City Area ( 2nd one , you should not miss)

Famous Hill in Chottogram City

  1. batali hill 2. C R B hill area 3. D.C hill 4. cheragi hill: যেখান থেকে আলোকিত হয় চট্টগ্রাম বলা হয়, প্রায় কয়েক’শ বছর আগে সুফি সাধক বদর আউলিয়া (রা:) সমুদ্রে ভাসমান একটি পাথর খণ্ডে আরোহণ করে চট্টগ্রামে আগমন করেন। তিনি মূলত ইসলাম প্রচারের উদ্দেশ্যে এখানে এসেছিলেন। কিন্তু তখন চট্টগ্রাম ছিল গভীর পাহাড়-পর্বতে …

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