Sundarban National Park – King of Mangrove forest

Mangrove forest

Sundarban National Park is one of the traditional and popular places in Sundarban. It’s a mystery in the largest mangrove. Its place is shared by Bangladesh & West Bengal, India. It is a huge place for tiger reserve and bio-diversity is clearly visible here. in-fact, This park is one of the biggest reserve places for …

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Panam City Sonargaon- Reveals our rich history.

Panam City

Panam Nagar is an ancient city in Bangladesh. It is situated in Sonargaon, Narayanganj district. The whole city can remind you of the rich and prestigious primitive era of Bangla. This city is surely the carrier of the history and culture of Bengal. The amazing Panam City is located in Morgapara, only a few kilometers …

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Lalbagh fort – A historical representation of 400 years of Dhaka

Lalbagh fort

Today we will discuss Lalbagh fort. This fort is the most popular travel destination in Dhaka city for local and foreign travelers. Lalbagh kella is an unfinished Moghul palace and fortress, situated near the bank of Buriganaga River in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. At the time of the fort’s building, the river was quite close …

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Beauty Boarding, Old Dhaka’s Historical presence in modern era

Established in 1949, Beauty Boarding is considered as the classic place in Old dhaka, where visitors see the history with present day. This historic place still stands with pride of our old days and remains popular for its affable atmosphere and reasonable prices. History of Beauty Boarding: The historical place Beauty Boarding Bangla bazar reminds …

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