Sundarbans is opening for Tourist from November 1, 2020

Sundarbans is opening for Tourist from November 1, Today we will discuss Sundarbans is opening for Tourist from November 1. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Forest Department announced a temporary halt to tourist and boat traffic throughout the Sundarbans Since March 19. More than 50,000 people visit the nine tourist areas of the …

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Ratargul forest is called as ‘’Amazon’’ of Bangladesh

Ratargul forest

Today we discuss the Ratargul forest. We can wind back to the past when we were watching an adventurous English TV series called ‘’Amazon’’ telecasted on Ekushey television in 2002. Remember the time? How a plane crashed and landed ruinously and some of its crew and passengers fell into the maze of Amazon? You can …

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Top 10 Incredible tourist Places in Sundarbans one should not miss

tourist Places in Sundarbans

Today we discuss tourist Places in Sundarbans. Sundarbans are invaluable assets for Bangladesh. From environmental aspects to financial aspects, there is no alternative to the Sundarbans. It is called as our lifeline. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. which is shared between the countries of Bangladesh and India. sixty percent in the …

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