10 Best Haor, Baor, Beel, jheel You must Visit When in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, The wetland ecosystem is known as Haor Baor. And this amazing places are no less amazing than Sea beach or mighty river. Tourist from all over the world come to Bangladesh during rainy season when this wetlands are fulfilled with water and get mighty and beautiful looks.

These districts are mainly known for Haor. Namely; BrahmanBaria, Habigonj, Sunamganj, Kishoreganj, Netrokona, Maulavibazar, Sylhet. There are as many as 423 small or large haors in Bangladesh.

The Hakaloki haor,
Sumir haor,
Dakhar haor,
Tanguar haor,
Gungiajuri haor,
Mukhar haor,
Kaowadighir haor,

Chaitorkol Beel
Bahadurpur Baor

This Haor Tourism boost during Monsoon season. From all over Bangladesh & Western countries travelers tends to visit this Haor, Baor.

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