Recommended Cox Bazar hotel price with swimming pool (Budget Hotel Only)

Today we will discuss the Cox Bazar hotel price with swimming pool. The world’s largest Sea Beach is the ultimate tourist destination in Bangladesh. As this has been the most beguiling place for tourists, lots of luxurious hotels have grown here over the years. Most of these hotels consist swimming pool. However, not every tourist can afford a big-budget hotel at Cox Bazar. Therefore, there are also few hotels where tourists can enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool within an affordable price range.

Though Cox’s Bazar is the town of longest sea beach and one will must enjoy the beach with the wave it comes from the deep sea. But still, a swimming pool is mandatory for the maximum traveler. recently, cox’s Bazar refugee camp creates a demand in a high cause, most of the beaches are occupied in season or off-season.

Here is the some lists of cox’s bazar hotel for the visitors who could have the advantage of swimming pool with a minimal costs –

Parjatan swimming pool cox’s bazar, bangladesh: This swimmingpool is open for everyone. no matter whether you stay on Parjatan hotel motel you can use this pool as much as you enjoy. all you need is your cloths. You can change your clothes at the hotel and go to the swimming pool. It will cost 150 taka per person.

Grace Cox Smart Hotel: This hotel has an indoor pool, hot tub and a gym too. One stay at this hotel can use the pool at any time without paying any extra money. This Hotel has

Hotel suite Sadaf:

The Marina Drive Road located hotel is highly affordable with boutique amenities. This is a great place for business trip, honeymoon or family trip. The outdoor pool is facilitated with swimming pool. The water is fresh and they purify the pool water almost everyday. As the hotel is nearer to Inani beach, the ample view of the beautiful sea beach can be seen from the hotel.

Nitol Bay Resort: This is a venture by Nitol Niloy Group. The purpuse to accomodate their own employee who frequently visit cox bazar. Anyway, This is another budget hotel along with Swimming pool. The pool is situated in the left side just after the entrance. The size of the pool is not so big but enough to enjoy 15 persons at a time. The hotel is also situated beside the main road of Kolatoli beach. Another charming thing is, This hotel has a roof top swimming pool which is very small in size. still anyone can enjoy. This pool is only open for selected number of guests.

Palm Riviera:

This is a duplex private pool villa. The whole place mainly built around its attractive swimming pool. There’s coconut and palm trees also can be seen around the pool which gives it an extra edge for the visitors. Moreover, the resort assures people a very serene atmosphere. The overall place is so bewitching and a perfect holiday destination for large families, groups and holiday makers.

Hotel sea world

This 3-star hotel is another cheap hotel with swimming pool. The swimming pool of this resort is so attractive that the swimming pool is the most popular tools of this hotel. Sometimes, rich people also visit here only for the attraction of the pool of this hotel. This hotel also consists of other high class facilities.

Most of the time visitors of Cox Bazar search for a place where they can spend their times in a pool. The reason pool is the place for refreshment as well as the place of fun! But, not everyone can afford a pool in a high-range hotel. Therefore, we tried to give tourists a hints which hotels are usually affordable within a short budget. Hope, it will work for them. And the list will be updated for 2020 very soon.

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