Shimana Periye Resort: Experience the Timeless memories in Saint Martin

Today we will discuss Shimana Periye Resort in Saint Martin. Near saint martin’s amazing location Kona para, Narikel Zingira Shemana Periye Resort is situated in the laps of the green coconut trees. It offers standard accommodation in 14 rooms. It has Suite Villa, Deluxe Cottage, Bamboo Cottage, Wooden Cottage, and Brick Cottage. all rooms are well decorated and with modern amenities. Guests can see the ocean from the resort and can hear the sound of the mighty waves from the room. The panoramic view of the blue Ocean will take your breath away. The resort has its own restaurant facility where sea fish and other foods are available. It also provides music rooms, a kids’ play zone, a conference hall, and a BBQ zone. The resorts produce their own electricity which ensures 24-hour basic electric needs. The designated restaurant Jol Torongo is a full-fledged kitchen for each type of food. Island’s only Bazar is just 5 mins walking distance away from the resort.

Rent of Shimana Periye Resort:

Accommodation Types Occupancy Room Rent
Brick Cottage 04 Person(max) BDT 2,200
Wooden Cottage 04 Person(max) BDT 2,500
Bamboo Cottage 04 Person(max) BDT 2,700
Deluxe Cottage 04 Person(max) BDT 2,800
Honeymoon suite 02 Persons BDT 3,000
Shimana periye resort is considered the largest accommodation place on saint martin island. The resort offers bbq facilities, ten accommodations, a house restaurant, and many more. The resort’s mouth-watering food and fabulous amenities exceed most people’s expectations in terms of other resorts in Saint martin cox’s Bazar.

Shemana Pereiye Resort Reservation details: To book the resort or get inquiry please call 01911-121292 or E-mail: [email protected]

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