tourist Places in Sundarbans

Top 10 Incredible tourist Places in Sundarbans one should not miss

Today we discuss tourist Places in Sundarbans. Sundarbans are invaluable assets for Bangladesh. From environmental aspects to financial aspects, there is no alternative to the Sundarbans. It is called as our lifeline. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. which is shared between the countries of Bangladesh and India. sixty percent in the Bangladesh region and Forty percent of the area falls in the Indian region. Here are we mention places to go to get a good experience in a few days in Sundarbans. bangladesh tourism mostly depends on Sunderbans, where half a million foreign guests come to visit this place. The Sunderban tourist spot in Bangladesh are as follows:

Sundarban Bangladesh

Kotka Beach: Katka beach is located in the southeast corner of the Sundarbans. Kotka sea beach Sundarbans is one of the highest visited places and beautiful spots of Sundarban. Basically, Katka a base for safaris, and a good spot to see tigers and for bird-watching. Traveler also enjoy the high tide of the sea, bath on the sandy beach and take a walk and many more things is there to enjoy in Kotka Beach sundarban.
Karamjol Sundarban: Koromjol is most popular place in sundarban among the tourist of Bangladesh and other foreign countries. to view the most cherished species of Bangladesh’s wildlife, karamjol ecological park is the place. A ranger station deep in the forest that also serves as a deer-breeding center herein Karamjol.
Dublar Char Island: The entire Dublar Char is incredible, but if you have a limited time to explore this fantastic forest you must not miss this place specially if you are in mid November. Dublor char where the most hindu devotees coming to join the Rash Mela festival once in a year. Every year there are thousands of Hindu religious people come to offer their prayer at rashmela. Along with them, there are many japanese, christians and muslim enthusiasts are come and enjoy themselves. This festival now become universal and people from all community come and joins. dublar char is basically a island, infact a beautifull island in Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Whereas the island remain under water for the 5 months of a year. One can enjoy the sunset from this incredibly beautiful island. A number of deers can be seen at Dublor Char. During rashmela time in the month of November, deer hunting increased illegally near the venue at Alorkol in Dublar Char.
Hiron Point: Nilkomol or Hiron point is the prime tourist point from where adventurer can watch Tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles, lots of birds. This is basically a protected sanctuary for the wildlife.

tourist Places in Sundarbans

Kochikhali Sundarban: The beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Kochikhali lies in the unbelievable combination of beautiful intact forests and raw nature. Enjoy spotting a variety of wild animals as you take a boat cruise within the reserve. So, be ready with your camera phones and DSLRs for you never know, you might get to witness something which is as surprising and photogenic as you would like it to be. Kochikhali Sundarban spot features dense forests facing the Bay of Bengal.
Mandarbaria Sundarbans: The mandarbaria sea beach is almost 8 km long and the whole mandarbaria is one of the beautiful place in sundarban area. It is located at the Satkhira district, near haribhanga river.
Sundarban Reserve Forest: walking is possible and allowed in the reserve forests on a wildlife safari.
Tiger Point Sundarban: Kachikhali is more often called as tiger point. This place is best for wild tracking.
Tin Kona Island: Tin Kona Island is categorically very famous for tiger and deer. The island has three corners. to go tin kona Launch or boat is the transportation system. This triangle beautiful Island is one of the The sundarbans Bangladesh.
Jamtola Beach: Jamtola Sea beach sundarban is another magnificent tourist spot where tourist will enjoy the sunset and sur rise.

Dimer Char: Dimer Char is a tidal flat in Khulna Division. Dimer chor is situated at the east of Badamtala. this Char is incredibly beautiful place in sundarban 10

Harbaria sundarban Bangladesh: This place is 4 hours away from Mongla. The only way to get there is boat. On the way to reach harbaria sundarban travellers can enjoy the natural scene of side. This is amazing. 4 hours boar journey will make this travel memorable. Attractions in this area are; Observation tower, Harbaria Eco Tourism center, long wooden Foot trail in the forest,tiger footprint, pond with Golpata-hut offering a charming view.

There are hundreds of Travel agency operating tours in Sundarbans Bangladesh. The Sundarbans has also been enlisted among the finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature. Travel sundorbon usually takes 4/5 Days to complete. In the sundarbans mangrove forest, Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the prime attractions and Bangladesh is considered as one of the few countries where one can find this Tiger Species. Apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sundarban Forest the largest mangrove forest in the World. Sundarban forest and other unspoiled natural attractions, Bangladesh has gold mines, but these are to be properly exploited to get the benefit. These so many places for tourists to choose to visit one destination rather than other. Presence of the Royal Bengal Tiger, estuarine crocodile, a variety of dolphins, reptiles and a certain number of birds and highly endangered species has created lot of attraction to Bangladesh sundarban.

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