The Best Fountains and Waterfalls in Bangladesh

Today we will discuss The Best Fountains and Waterfalls in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is really a wonderful country with so many wondrous and natural beauties. Sylhet and Chittagong, both are blessed with uncountable amazing places. Waterfalls, fountains, mountain-view, green hills everything you will find there. Lots of tourists come here to see these astonishing natural places every year.
Hum hum Waterfall
Hum Hum is most probably the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. You can’t imagine the beauty of it unless you see it through your eyes. The water of this place comes from a long height. Some university students discovered it around 2009-10. Tourists can enjoy the full view of India from it. The natural beauty of big boulders and green forests made it more jaw-dropping. The height of the waterfall is about 147 to 160 feet.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Nafakhum Waterfall Bandarban
“Khum” it’s a tribal language that comes from Marma. It means “fountain”. This fountain is located in a remote area of Bandarban’s Thanchi Upazilla. Many local people also called it the “Remakri Fountain”. If we consider the amount of water, it is the largest fountain of Bangladesh. The water is so pure and cold. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit.
Shuvolong waterfalls
Shuvolong fountain is a very glossy fountain and the surroundings are also amazing. Tourists can closely watch the life of tribal people and can have various snacks at a very low cost. This fountain is situated 25km away from Rangamati Sadar Upazilla. You can enjoy its fullest beauty only in the rainy season. This fountain is beside Kaptai lake and its height is 300feet.
Himchori Waterfall
Cox Bazar is the main tourist attraction of Bangladesh. It has the most amazing tourist attractions. Himchori is one of the most popular tourist spots located in Inani Beach, Cox Bazar. The whole place is a combination of hills, trees, and green forests. It is only a few kilometers away from Cox Bazar Laboni beach point. Tourists can enjoy the mind-blowing ocean view from the top of this waterfall.
khoiyachora Waterfall
This waterfall is situated on the hill of Mirsarai, Chittagong. Khaiyachora is one of the largest waterfalls. The view of the top is simply extraordinary. It took lots of time to discover this place. There’s no one way road to reach here. You have to go through a village in order to reach that complicated place.
Madhabkunda Waterfall
Madhabkunda waterfall is a very well-known waterfall in Bangladesh. This waterfall located in Moulavibazar District. The height of this waterfall is almost 210 feet. It is a very popular tourist place among Bangladeshi people. There iare very dense forests around it. Those forests make this waterfall more charming. A recent addition to the water reservior and few tourist cottages really increased the overall facilities in this place.

Pangthumai Waterfall
Pangthumai sylhet is a very attractive waterfall. This waterfall located in Sylhet. The real beauty of this waterfall can be seen in rainy season. It is near at Bichanakandi, which is another astounding place of Sylhet. It is near in the Indian border and the overall look is awesome. You have to take a boat to get to the waterfall. A very nice looking waterfall, close to the nature, lovable.
jadipai waterfall
Jaidpai fountain situated in Bandarban, Chittagong. It is undoubtedly another gorgeous spot. The waterflow become very rogue during rainy season. You can also live in peace and watch tribal life closely from here. Tourists can take rest, eat dinner or lunch from the nearby tribal homes.
Richang waterfall
Richang waterfall is a natural waterfall of Bangaldesh. It’s situated in Khagrachori district, Chittagong. It is not so wide as Nafakhum but the height of the water can blow your mind away.
Shoilo propat
It is near at Bandarban city. You can go in there through “chaander gari” or CNG. The water is very deep and cold. The only of this waterfall is it is bit of risky.

Baktlai Waterfall: Baklai Waterfall (বাকলাই ঝর্না) is considered as one of the highest waterfall in Bangladesh. It is approximately three hundred eighty feet high. Baktlai Waterfall is located in Baklai para, Bandarban. This waterfall is accessible both from Thanchi and Ruma. The surrounding area is so amazed to enjoy for the nature lover. Baklai fall discovered just a decade ago and because of the natural beauty and higher flow rate of water it get caught attraction from the many adventurist.

Faipi Waterfall: Faipi is another tallest waterfall discovered in Bandarban, Thaikang Para. adventurist can reach to the thaikang Para from Thanchi or Ruma. It took 6/7 hours long journey to get there riding over Chander Gari. Almost round of the year this waterfall is enjoyable, cause the water flow remain same like the rainy season.

These waterfalls can help you to remove boredom and gives a new experience of life. It’s true you have to endure pain to reach in some waterfalls, but when you reach in there, you’ll find an utter satisfaction.

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