Panam City

Panam City Sonargaon- Reveals our rich history.

Panam Nagar is an ancient city in Bangladesh. It is situated in Sonargaon, Narayanganj district. The whole city can remind you of the rich and prestigious primitive era of Bangla. This city is surely the carrier of the history and culture of Bengal. The amazing Panam City is located in Morgapara, only a few kilometers away from the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. This Panam Nagar is considered one of the ruined cities still existing in the south Asian sub-continent and represents our classical establishment.

Sonargaon was the center of the old Bangla when Narayanganj was the capital of Bangladesh before Dhaka. It was the residence of most of the Muslim governors of that time. When the Mughal empire got the key of Sonargaon, the whole city started to get more prosperous than ever. Bridges, roads, ponds, etc. development started to begin and the whole city began to flourish. It was the center for trading muslin and later Neel (indigo). From the beginning of Panam, the first thing that comes to one’s sight are the ancient buildings. most of them are two-storied, but few are one-storied. Some 52 of the buildings that still stand in Panam Nagar are visible. There are 31 buildings on the north side of Panam Street and 21 on the south of it.

Panam City

Panama City has so many historical buildings and all of these structures are connected to isa Khan’s tenure. Panam City got a huge attraction over last decades and established itself as one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. As it is very near from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

Sonargaon was the capital during the fifteenth-century ruler Isa Khan. During the Mughal era, lots of beautiful monuments and infrastructure was built. They are actually the main orchestrator behind today’s Sonargaon and its rich history.

Mughals built the rich culture of Sonargaon but they abandoned it completely when they shifted the capital of Bangla Sonargaon to Jahangirnagar. In modern times, very few relics and structures of good old days are still intact. When you will see the little villages and resorts around the city, you won’t get any idea how much glorious this place was once at its prime time. Time changes and its glory also faded.

The main threats of this site are illegal development and unauthorized localization.

Ticket Price

The ticket price of Panam City is 20tk for each person. The foreigners have to pay 100tk to visit there. Before enter Any visitors can buy the ticket of Panama city dhaka.

How to go there

You can take the bus from Gulistan. The name of the bus is “Meghla”. It will drop you nearby Mograpara Bus stand. Bus fare is 40 taka only. Panama city is 15 minutes away if you take Auto from Mugrapara Bus stand. You can also take an rickshaw to reach Panama City. The rickshaw will cost you around 50tk. Dhaka to Panam Nagar bus will take maximum 1 hour through Kachpur New Bridge.

Sonargaon Folk and Art Museum

There is another popular tourist spot located in Sonargaon. The spot is Sonargaon museum. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Dhaka city as well as the whole country. Bangladesh’s national painter Joynul Abedin formed this sonargaon museum in 1975.

The museum area is huge. There’s a lake inside the museum. Tourists can sit by the side of the lake and enjoy themselves. This museum consists of two parts. One is the museum itself and another is like a market. The museum is full of 17th century articrafts. The daily life of old Bangladesh, lifestyle of village people everything showed at that museum. Different kinds of ornaments, tools, furniture, weapons, sporting materials everything showed in here.

Another part is like market and it’s so charming. You will surely inflict by its charm. Tourists can buy lots of things in a very reasonable price. Tourists can also ride a boat and can fishing on the lake of the museum.

Ticket Price of Panama and Sonargaon museum

The entry fee of Sonargaon art and folk museum is 30tk only.

Car Parking charge: Just outside of the Panam City there is a huge parking place. The rent would be

Car – 100 tk

Bus – 300 tk per hour

Eating Places

There are few restoras around the place. Those are pretty good and reasonable.

Panam City is a perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. The whole city is like a ghost town with existed fifty two abandoned houses. Panam City was consisted of two parts. One part was for residential area and another part has been for just entertainment. Party, club, bar everything was included in this place.

This is such an astounding places to spend a good time. Panam City or Panam Nagar, Sonargaon will remain as testimony of our colonial architecture thousand years history. This ancient historical city reminds us thousand years of our past history. The Old capital of Bengal still one of the most visited Parjatan place in Bangladesh.

Panam Nagar Sonargaon was a planned architectural establishment. About hundreds of thousands years ago it was an amazing model city where Bars, Dance Club, Herem Ghar, disco ball room and so many things was included. To many historic, this capital of Bengal was Beyond imagination in terms of Architectural point of view at that period of time. This “lost city” represents the historic preservation of Baro Bhuiyan from Bengal part. Panam was termed as most attractive city of fifteenth-century. In the end, Panam city is a must visited tourist spot for any traveler in Bangladesh. To Watch an amazing in depth video of Sonargaon Panam Nagar

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