Prayer Time in Dhaka (2022 November Updated)

Here is the prayer time in Dhaka (November 2022). The time is exactly when Jamat of Salat happened in Dhaka Mosque. We collected the timetable from the local Mosque. But on the Internet, the time usually found is actually Time start for that particular Namaz or Salat. which is one hour or two hours ahead of Jamat. That’s why we review and update prayer times in Dhaka for our Muslim brothers and sisters who are on a visit to Dhaka or any other city in Bangladesh.

Namaz Time ( Dhaka prayer time ): The November 2022( namaz time in Dhaka )

Fajr time Dhaka : 05: 30
Dhuhr : 13: 15
Asr : 16: 25
Maghrib : 17: 30
Isha : 19: 35

prayer time Dhaka of Jumma Salat: Friday 13: 30. isha time Dhaka is currently 7:35 pm.

In Bangladesh, there is almost 3,00,000 mosque and in Dhaka city alone there is almost 6000 mosque. That’s why, Dhaka is called city of Mosque. Islamic foundation also provide a prayer time for Bangladesh. But maximum searcher’s intent not serve with that information. Cause, searchers want to know the timetable of Jamat in the local Mosque. prayer times Dhaka is reviewed by Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. dhaka prayer time & another big city in Bangladesh shared almost the same timing. Only few mintues added or minus in few cases.

The other 5 types of Salat time is based on the sunset and sunrise and midnight. So, we haven’t include that types of Salat timing. maghrib prayer time in Dhaka is one of the most sensitive as this Salat time lasts not so long.

You may Bookmark this page to get updated with prayer time bd. Allah (SWT) ordered us to perform Salat timely. So, It’s very important to know the local Salat timing and Jamat Timing.

Dhaka prayer time Updated on: 01 November 2022

  • prayer time Dhaka Islamic foundation Bangladesh. Its based on local Mosque time too. The azan time Dhaka is based on Salah Time. Just prior to 15 to 30 mins.

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