Places To Visit When in Kuakata

10 Best Places To Visit When in Kuakata ( 4th one is the best of the best)

Kuakata is a panoramic sea beach on the southernmost part of Bangladesh. This is considered one of rare place in the world from where any one can enjoy both sun rise & sun set. Located in the Patuakhali district, Kuakata has a wide sandy beach where a huge number of foreign tourists come to visit other than any destination of Bangladesh. It is about 200 Miles south of Dhaka.

The Kuakata sea beach is 19 miles long and 4 miles wide. SagorKonna is a nickname for Kuakata. People of this area used to called this sagor konna kuakata. There is thousands of kuakata hotel & resort has grown up due to this amazing places. Here are some Places To Visit When in Kuakata.

10 Most Iconic Places To Visit When in Kuakata:

1. Fatrar Chor – Kuakata:


Fatra’s chor or island is amazing tourist Places To Visit When in Kuakata beach. From Kuakata traveler may visit the Fatrar Chor. it is the part of the Sundarban forest. As the Fatrar Chor is the part of Sundarban so it is mangrove forest.

2. Gangamati Reserved Forest:

Gangamati Reserved Forest is an evergreen mangrove forest in the Kuakata Patuakhali Bangladesh.Gangamati Reserved Forest is located on the eastern end of the beach of Kuakata. Gongamotir Lake is the most attractive place in Gangamati Reserved Forest. It’s an additional part of Sundarbans with different kinds of trees and wild life.Distance from Gangamati Reserved Forest to Sundarban is one hour by speedboat. The best way to reach the Gangamati Reserved Forest is by foot or bike along the beach. From Gangamati char people usually enjoy the sun rise which the best part of this tour.

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3. Jhau bon at Kuakata:

Jhau bon at Kuakata
Jhau bon – Kuakata

Best thing in a sandy beach is the Jhau bon, you will find a place to rest in shed, sands are under the leaves of the tree, completely peaceful. Wind blowing with the Jhau bon makes an unforgettable scenery near the sea baech.

4. Kuakata sea beach:

This is the Places To Visit When in Kuakata adventure tour. From where any tourist can enjoy both the Sunset & sunrise. This sandy beach is long and anyone can enjoy the beauty of the mighty ocean from this beach.

5.Keranipara Seema Mandir:

Keranipara is the nearest rakhain village of Kuakata. Travelers will surely find calm and peace in that village. They will surely get enlighten by the friendly behavior of inhabitants of rakhain. They always show very polite gesture towards the travelers. On the other hand, there’s a 100 year old temple situated in Keranipara. The temple called as “Seema Mandir”. Seema Mandir consists 8 different metals. Tourists come here to see this historic temple when they visit this rakhain village.

6. Misripara Buddhist Temple:

This temple is located in Misripara village, Patuakhali. Misripara Buddhist Temple is actually a worshipping place. But, things have been change in recent years and it becomes a popular tourist spot in Kuakata. Misripara Buddhist Temple is the largest Buddhist temple located in South Asia. There is various cultural heritage also located in here.

7. Kuakata Eco Park:

Kuakata Eco Park is situated about 2.5 KM east of the zero point of Kuakata. The whole park is surrounded by uncountable mangrove and non-mangrove forest. There are lots of trees and plants in the park. Moreover, this eco park is safe haven for birds. This eco park is such an important tourist spot for the visitors. Travelers usually gets a full fledge natural beauties through this park’s astonishing beauty.

8. Kuakata Shutki Polli:

Kuakata Shutki Polli is a very popular among Kuakata visitors. It is only four KM away from the beach. People usually visits here during their trip to Lebur Chor. People also visits to purchase Shutki in a very reasonable price.

9. Lebur Chor, Kuakata:

Kuakata Lebur Chor is situated at 5 KM away from Kuakata sea beach. This place is also known as “Nembur Chor” and the whole place is almost 1000 acres. There are lots of trees and plants are in this chor like Kerua, Goran, Golpata, etc. This is as astonishing place with a lots of natural beauty.

Places To Visit When in Kuakata
When in Kuakata /


10. Narikel Bagan, Kuakata:

The Narikel bagan is another eye smashing place of this beautiful sea beach. Moreover, the distance is very close and tourists can easily reach there by walking. The travelers of Kuakata can enjoy a beautiful scenic sunset from here.

Shagor Konna ( the Daughter of Sea ) is a nickname for Kuakata. From where one can have an unobstructed view of both sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal. Tourist from Bangladesh and all over the world come to enjoy this scenic view. So, if you are in Kuakata, one of the longest beach in the world don’t miss the places mentioned here.

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