Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

7 Sea Beaches in Bangladesh You Must Visit (1st one is best )

Bangladesh is a South Asian country blessed with numerous eye-catching sea beaches in the world. The location of Bangladesh is in narrowly above the sea level and this is the fundamental reason behind various beaches and sea coasts in this small country. Here, we want to discuss the most exquisite and soporific Sea Beaches in Bangladesh. Any traveler can find arrant beauty and mind-boggling sights by visiting these beaches.

Best Sea Beaches in Bangladesh:

1. Cox’s Bazar Sea beach: ***

The longest sea beach in the world. The best beach in Bangladesh among the Sea Beaches in Bangladesh, mainly located in Chittagong division. Cox’s Bazar has its own district name Cox Bazar district which mainly situated in Southern part of Bangladesh. The beauty of Cox’sBazar is beyond to describe as its peacefulness and calm nature definitely delights the mind of anyone. The white sand, sounds of the sea, fountain of Himchori, calmness of Moheshkhali has the ability to blow the mind of a traveler. Visitors can enjoy the utterly stunning and serenity atmosphere in here.

2. St Martin’s Island Sea beach:

This small island can remind anyone of the scenic and charming beauty of Caribbean beaches. St. Martins located in few kilometers away from Cox Bazar peninsula. When tourists visit here, they can find the splendid beauty of Naf River. St. Martin’s is very quiet and stilly. Noise is almost unimaginable here. St. Martin’s also called as ‘’Coconut Island’’ or ‘’Narikel Jinjira’’ in Bengali language. Everyday thousands of tourists visit there to see the mind blowing beauty of this natural place. Overall, St Martin’s is something Bangladesh can be proud of, a real treasure of the country with lots of enthusiasm.

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3. Kuakata Sea beach:

Kuakata is another astounding and large beach of Bangladesh. Kuakata mainly located at south-western part and Kuakata is branded as the ‘’Sea Queen’’ of Bangladesh. Local tourists as well as outer tourists visit here to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the sea. Kuakata located at Barishal division which is known as the place of river. Visitors can enjoy the stunning sunrise and sunset view in Kuakata. Now -a- days, the number of restaurants and hotels increases here and everything has changed so far. Kuakata is undoubtedly a place to visit.

Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

4. Inani Beach:

It’s generally a part of long stretch Cox Bazar sea beach. Inani situated almost 32 kilometers away from the main beach of Cox Bazar. The sands of this beach are pure golden at full sun and those sands shine like a diamond! Inani is hugely famous for its coral pebble. Unlike Cox Bazar other beaches, restaurants and bars are not available here and that’s the primary reason visitors can truly enjoy heir peace in the calm at Inani beach.

5. Patenga Sea Beach:

Patenga is small compared to the beaches we mentioned above. But, this beach is still nimble and bewitching in every aspect. Tourists can surely enjoy the mind-blowing sunrise from Patenga. Patenga situated in Chittagong and this is quite easier to visit here.

These beaches are the top beaches in Bangladesh. These are the places where anyone can find true beauty of nature along with magnificent views and calmness. Tourists are highly recommended to set their footprints in these beaches and sea coasts if they ever visit in Bangladesh.

6. Parki Beach:

Sandy beach which is located on the channel of the Karnaphuli River,is another great attractive beach in Bangladesh. The beach offers a unique opportunity to view the Bay of Bengal and the river Karnaphuli at a time. While watching the sunset, visitors here can enjoy the view of large ships anchored at the outer dock of the port, fishermen catching fish in the sea, a Jhau forest and fish enclosures.

A massive forest separates Parki Beach from Anwara thana, and the beach is therefore a quiet and peaceful destination. It is a favorite location for locals to spend the day with their families, enjoying picnics and beach activities. The sunsets at Parki Beach are magnificent and not to be missed. Parki Beach is known for its crabs that can be seen along its shores and vary in color and size. Portions of the serene beach are sometimes found blanketed by red crabs — an amazing sight to behold. Visitors from foreign countries are looking for a site to enjoy a day at the beach then Parki Beach is one of the ideal destination.

Location of Parki Beach: Gahira at Anwara thana under southern portion of Chittagong division. The beach lies about twenty eight kilometers away from Chittagong city.The beach is located eight kilometers away from the Chatri Choumuhoni point on the way of Chattogram-Cox’sbazar highway.

7. Guliakhali Sea Beach:

Guliakhali Sea beach Chittagong is one of the less popular and lesser known sea beach in the world. It is situated in Muradpur, Sitakunda, Chattogram. For the native people, it is known as “Muradpur Sea Beach”. The whole beach is full of greeny avatar and that’s the biggest speciality of this beach. It is located 5km away from sitakunda bazar.

The nature really gives it all to this scenic beach. The combination blue water and Keora forest made it exceptional in all the way. The Keora forest goes into the deep side of the ocean. As this Keora forest goes deep into the guliakhali sea beach muradpur, the whole beach got a different type of flavor than as usual beach.

Guliakhali sea beach has a blend of two popular places. One is Sylhet’s Ratargul and another is Sundarbon. The reason is that Guliakhali has Ratargul’s swamp forest vibe and Sundarbon’s vibe. It’s a perfect mixture at all and it will be a great feelings for the sea lovers.

The beach is surrounded by the green grasses. This sea beach is also not that popular yet. Tourists can find the real peace in here. Tourists can also round the beach in boat.

There are also procedure of camping in that place. Visitors needs to take tents to do that and enjoy themselves. It will surely be a unique experience for them.

As Guliakhali Sea Beach Bangladesh is near at Sitakundo, visitors will get enough time to explore more places near Sitakundo. There are numerous places in there like Bashbaria sea beach, Sitakundo Eco Park, Chandronath hill, Khoiachora, Sohostrojhora waterfall, etc.

How to go –

First, tourists needs to go at Sitakundo, Chittagong. There are available bus from Dhaka to Chittagong. The ticket price will be around 400-700. The bus expense will be more less if tourists chose to visit by local bus or mail train. The ticket price of mail train will be around 120-150 taka. There are available maxi and bus is available from Chittagong’s Kadamtoli to visit Sitakundo. Under the Sitakundo bridge, tourists will easily find auto to reach Guliakhali beach. The auto reserve will cost 150-200 around.

Where to stay –

There is actually no places or hotels in there to stay. Tourists can only stay at there by camping. But, they can stay near at Sitakundo. Saudia hotel is less costly and pretty much good. Hotel Saimun is also perfect.

Important & Final Talks –

If any kinds of problems found, just take the help from tourist police. This beach is not so popular neither visitor friendly. So, be careful in every steps. Don’t go far if you don’t know how to swim. Another thing is don’t spoil the beach and try to keep it clean.

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