15 remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka One Cannot Miss!

Today we discuss Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the megacities in the world. This is a city of almost 20 million populations which is growing regularly. Dhaka is surely one of the densest cities and of course a very dirty city too! Dhaka is a heaven for photographing people due to its various interesting subjects. Here we will discuss few Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka of Dhaka city one can visit to enjoy and explore.

Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort – Lalbagh Fort is considered as the most adorable as well as Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka.It is situated in old Dhaka. It’s a Mughol fort, which constructed in the 17th century. The construction began in Prince Azam’s era and eventually he handed to the governor Shaista Khan for its impregnation. Shaista khan didn’t finish the whole construction as he was hugely devastated by her daughter’s death, Pari Bibi. A tomb of Pari Bibi inside the fort has been made and it’s designed with various kinds of peerless marbles, granites. The whole area can remind tourists about the golden days of Mogul era. The whole place is well decorated with rare elements. A small museum also built inside the fort where lots of expensive paintings, calligraphy are decorated. Read More About Lalbagh Kella

Ahsan Monjil – The pink palace! Ahsan Monjil is one of the oldest tourist spots and Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka of Bangladesh. At first, it was built as a French factory by wealthy landowner Nawab Gani. After more than a decade of its deconstruction, it got hit by a devastating tornado which promptly damaged a significant part of this historic place. After that the place got reconstruction and built much majestic than the first time. Famous lord, Lord Curzon also lived in here for a short time. It got huge repairing in 80’s and many things has been added to this popular place.

Dhakeshwari Temple – Dhakeshwari temple is the center of Hindu religion in Bangladesh. It is situated in old Dhaka and very close to Lalbagh fort. This is considered as the most important Hindu temple in Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh. The architecture and styles of the temple isn’t similar with Bengali culture, but it’s a mix-up with Arakanese religion and Arakanese religious practices. The temple is almost 800 years old and it’s quite unclear who actually built this. The original architectures are already vanishing as the whole place got huge renovation.

Armenian Church – The Armenians had a footprint in Dhaka during the 17th century. The large numbers of Armenians lived in here and they also had a strong business community. They were also recognized by Moghuls as they were very good in business and they also brought many good products in Dhaka. Their colony is known as Armanitola and it is the place which basically bears the Armenian footprints in the region.

Parliament Building – One of the best architectural works of US based architect Louis I Kahn. This was constructed during 60’s era when Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan and named as ‘’East Pakistan’’ back then. The construction got a massive turnover due to the liberation war in Bangladesh but finally it was completed in 1982. The whole area covered with green trees, grasses and luxurious ingredients. If anyone is a fan of monumental type places, this place is perfect to visit.

Chandrima Udyan – One of the high budget and significant places of Bangladesh. Chandrima Udyan situated across the road of the National Parliamentary House. The park is noteworthy due to the tomb of the past president of Bangladesh, Ziaur Rahman. Each day, lots of people visit there to get refreshment. It also has a bridge and the whole place covered by green trees, leaves, attractive establishment.

Liberation War Museum – One of the expensive projects of recent times and it’s a very high ambitious project. It is a reminder of the massacre, torture and every wrongdoing Pakistani army committed during liberation war. Past legends of Bangladesh, war heroes, how this country born, etc. important things are exhibited in here. There are also videos that can affluent visitor’s knowledge about Bangladesh’s history.

Nirjhor Residential Area – A highly ambitious and luxurious project from Bangladesh Army. The place is very sophisticated and neat. The bridge inside the lake flourished with green color at night and it seems like a paradise. The Problem is that the place isn’t for everyone, but Army people.

Zinda Park – A perfect picnic spot for tourists. It’s located in Rupgonj, Naryangonj. To escape from general city life or remove monotonous condition this place could play a major role. The whole area is very large and there are many things like a library, river, mosque, restaurant, etc. placed inside the park.

Air Force Musuem – Air force museum is the place for showcasing the past memories of our air force. This place situated on the opposite of IDB, Dhaka.

Rose Garden Palace – Rose Garden Palace is a very sophisticated mansion and garden located in old Dhaka. This place is hugely famous due to its political connection. Bangladesh Awami League born here in 1949. A Hindu landlord named Hrikesh Das built this artistic place. This place is open for visitors.

Bangladesh National Zoo – Bangladesh National Zoo is situated in Mirpur area of Bangladesh. There are lots of native, overseas, wild animals can be seen here. Millions of visitors from Bangladesh and overseas comes to watch this zoo in every year basis. This zoo draws lots of criticisms for its overall unhealthy and hygienic condition.

National Martyr’s Memorial – National monument of Bangladesh. This place built to commemorate the martyrs who died for Bangladesh. The seven monuments describe seven histories of Bangladesh which occurred before the independence of Bangladesh. Concord Group built this famous monument.

Bangladesh National Museum – This is also a Remarkable Places To Visit In Dhaka.A very well-organized cultural place that depicts the arts, culture, tradition, history of Bangladesh. It is located in Shahbag, Dhaka.
Baitul Mukarram National Mosque – National mosque of Bangladesh. It is the 10th largest mosque in the world and situated at the heart of Dhaka city. It has the capacity of over 30000 people. The design of the mosque is very well decorated and a renovation plan of the mosque is still going on.

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